ChlorRid Solutions


CHLOR*RID Solution

CHLOR*RID Solution provides safe, reliable removal of soluble salts from a wide variety of surfaces prior to application of protective coatings. Chlor-Rid Liquid is suitable for removal of soluble salts on bridges, ships, storage tanks, power plants, cooling towers, and many other structures.



CHLOR*RID DTS ready-to-use solution provides a critical step in surface preparation, by removing soluable salts to ensure a salt-free surface ready for coatings application. Protective coatings are intended to prevent surface degradation; safe and environmentally-friendly ChlorRid DTS removes chlorides and sulfates from virtually all industrial surfaces to combat the risk of coatings failure due to salt contamination.


CHLOR*WASH™ Solution by Chlor-Rid International

CHLOR*WASH is an organic bonding chemical blend which aids in the removal of road films, dirt, and chloride, sulfate and nitrate salts. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and is nonflammable. CHLOR*WASH is biodegradable and therefore is an integral part of a sustainable environment.


HOLD*BLAST by Chor*Rid International

HOLD*BLAST by Chlor*Rid International, is a cost-effective, environmentally-safe, coating-friendly additive to prevent flash rusting. Use Hold*Blast in a solution with potable water, during or after surface preparation by blasting, water-jetting, or washing.

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