DeFelsko PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meter

DeFelsko PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meter measures environmental conditions including relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew-point temperature, and the difference between surface temperature and dew point temperature. Standard and Advanced gauge models, ergonomic integrated or separate magnetic probe options, internal memory, auto-logging, and USB download to PC or upload to are some features of the PosiTector Dew Point Meter. PosiTector DPM Probes fit on all PosiTector gauge bodies as well as the new PosiTector SmartLink.


MTP 1324-RH Infra-Red Thermometer w Dewpoint & Humidity

MTP 1324 -RH Infra-Red Surface Thermometer with Dewpoint and Humidity Measurement. Easy-to-use, fixed-emissivity InfraRed Thermometer measures surface temperature of non-reflective materials up to 260º C to an accuracy of 1.5º C + 1% as well as air temperature, relative humidity, and dewpoint calculation. Infra-Red temperature measurement is non-contact, making MTP 1324-RH the ideal thermometer for measuring the temperature of hot, or out-of-reach surfaces.


Lascar EL-USB-2 EasyLog Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

EASYLOG EL-USB-2 TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY DATALOGGER by Lascar Electronics measures and stores over 16,000 readings for each of temperature, relative humidity, and dewpoint temperature. The EL-USB-2 EasyLog Data Logger downloads directly to computer via the built-in USB connector.


MTP 1368 Digital Psychrometer

Dewpoint, humidity, air temperature, and wet bulb temperature are measured quickly and easily with MTP1368 Digital Sling Psychrometer. Small, fast, and economical.


Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter tracks weather conditions including relative humidity, dewpoint, heat stress index, wind chill, air temperature, water temperature, current wind speed, average wind speed and maximum gust, and snow temperature.


PosiTector SmartLink

 An Industry First! PosiTector® SmartLink™  - Wirelessly connect PosiTector probes to your smart device!

PosiTector SmartLink and free mobile app for Apple or Android turns your cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gage; unprecedented Mobile Integration - no internet connection required!

Take full advantage of the simplicity and utility of your smart device including touch screen keyboard, microphone, camera, email, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, dictation tools, etc., for coating thickness measurement using any PosiTector 6000 paint thickness probe, Dewpoint and environmental conditions with the PosiTector DPM probe, or surface profile measurement with the PosiTector SPG or RTR Replica Tape Reader probe.

SmartLink enables seamless online integration with an Internet Connection to share, backup, synchronize and report measurement data via email, apps and the cloud.


Kestrel DROP® Wireless Environmental Data Loggers

The Kestrel DROP® Wireless Environmental Data Loggers measure and track temperature and humidity.

Small, rugged, waterproof, and accurate, the Kestrel DROPs allow you to record and monitor the conditions of any environment, while easily accessing and charting real-time data on your smart device. Kestrel DROPs can be placed in multiple locations (inside, outside and even in water) to log specific environmental conditions and transmit data via Bluetooth® SMART connection to an iPhone, iPod or iPad (generation compatible).


Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter

With the press of a button, the Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter provides instant, accurate information on all environmental conditions: air temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, as well as heat stress index and altitude. The backlight on Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter with Night Vision model helps preserve natural night vision with reduced brightness and minimized blue-green spectrum light.


Bacharach Sling Psychrometer

The Bacharach Sling Psychrometer is a compact instrument for measuring wet and dry bulb temperature and calculating relative humidity and dewpoint. The thermometer case telescopes into the psychrometer handle for protection when not in use.


TQC Dewpoint Calulator Wheel

The TQC Dewpoint Calculator is a handy tool to determine dewpoint temperature based upon the measurements from the Sling Psychrometer. Includes Celsius - Fahrenheit converter.


Datalogging Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

The TES 1365 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer with detachable sensing probe, measures dry and wet-bulb air temperature, humidity, and dewpoint. Datalogging capacity of 10,100 datasets, dual reading (temp. and % R.H. )

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