NDE - Non-Destructive Inspection


DeFelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

DeFelsko's PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measures the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more. Single and multi-echo models and 6 probes for a range of appilcations.


TQC USB Microscope Camera

TQC LD6182 USB-Microscope Camera is a inexpensive, pocket-sized lighted microscope combined with colour digital camera connects to computer via USB. Clear colour photos with a press of a button. Ideal for visual analysis of surface characteristics such as coating thickness, cross-cut adhesion testing, number or distance between objects on the surface, cracks or mars in a surface, or other coatings or quality inspection applications.


Spectroline uVision 365 M-Model Ultraviolet Lamp

Spectroline uVision 365 M-Model Ultraviolet Inspection Lamp includes a 12V, rechargable NiMH battery plus in-line AC power supply.


Spectroline uVision 365 ES Ultraviolet Lamp

uVision 365 ES is Spectroline's newest compact, broad-beam, hand-held Ultraviolet NDT lamp.


WE-3 AC Magnetic Particle Yoke

WE-3 Magnetic Particle Yoke by Western Instruments is an economical, lightweight standard AC Yoke. The WE 3 lifts over 10 pounds, exceeding ASTM or ASME specifications for AC Yokes. Ergonomic hand-grip with urethane rubber housing, and Western Instruments' Quick Change Switch make the WE-3 a superior economy AC mag particle yoke.


BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with Colour Camera

New! BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with high-resolution Colour Camera displays crisp colour images on your computer screen, for visual analysis of surface details including coating thickness, coating failure, cross-cut adhesion testing, impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, or scratch / mar resistance. Image capture and image analysis software make DPM 100 the idea Digital Pocket Microscope for coatings inspection, steel inspection, and a variety of other quality inspection applications.


Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Dakota Ultrasonics' new ZX-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is a Fixed-Velocity thickness gauge for applications where only one material is being tested repeatedly. Just pre-set the desired velocity, and the Dakota ZX-1 is ready to measure.


Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-2 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Dakota Ultrasonics' ZX-2 is a basic, fixed-velocity Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, with 8 internal material pre-sets, plus 2 custom settings, for thickness measurement of many materials.


Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The new Dakota Ultrasonics ZX-3 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge offers portable material thickness measurement in a durable, hand-held instrument that can be calibrated in-field for all materials, as well as Non-Destructive Examination for corrosion and pitting.

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