Oven Loggers


TQC CurveX3 Basic Oven Logger

TQC announces its new CurveX 3 Basic Oven Logger; a basic 4-channel oven recorder designed for everyday use in powder coating lines. Simple to use and economical for any powder shop.


TQC Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger

TQC Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger is a user-friendly instrument for temperature data-logging in paint curing ovens. Standard delivery of Curve-X2 Oven Logger includes 6 probes, but an optional 12-channel converter is available. The Curve-X2 Oven Logger kit comes with everything required for monitoring of paint cure ovens, including insulation box, and Ideal Finish data analysis software.


PCWI Travelling Paint Oven Logger

PCWI Travelling Oven Temperature Data Logger is an economical 4-channel oven temperature logger manufactured for monitoring powder coating cure ovens. PCWI Oven Logger is carried through the powder bake oven in a stainless steel insulation box. Four clamp probes, data-logging software, and download cable are provided.


PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger

PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger is an economical 2 or 4 probe temperature logger for monitoring and recording temperatures in a variety of applications including powder coating bake ovens, kilns, and freezers. PCWI Batch Oven Logger includes four-channel temperature data-logger, long-lead clamp probes, PC-based software, and RS232 data transfer cable.

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