Oven Loggers


TQC CurveX3 Basic Oven Logger

TQC announces its new CurveX 3 Basic Oven Logger; a basic 4-channel oven recorder designed for everyday use in powder coating lines. Simple to use and economical for any powder shop.


TQC Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger

TQC Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger is a user-friendly instrument for temperature data-logging in paint curing ovens. Standard delivery of Curve-X2 Oven Logger includes 6 probes, but an optional 12-channel converter is available. The Curve-X2 Oven Logger kit comes with everything required for monitoring of paint cure ovens, including insulation box, and Ideal Finish data analysis software.


PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger

PCWI Batch / Static Oven Temperature Logger is an economical 2 or 4 probe temperature logger for monitoring and recording temperatures in a variety of applications including powder coating bake ovens, kilns, and freezers. PCWI Batch Oven Logger includes four-channel temperature data-logger, long-lead clamp probes, PC-based software, and RS232 data transfer cable.

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