Surface Contaminants


PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester

DeFelsko introduces its new PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester for measuring soluble salt contamination on metal surfaces. PosiTector SST is a conductivity probe designed specifically for the Bresle Method of salt testing, and is compatible with any Bresle Patch, including DeFelsko's new PosiPatch and the proprietary DeFelsko Patch.


DeFelsko SST Bresle Method Salt Test Patches

DeFelsko's new PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Test probe offers four Bresle method patch options for measuring soluble salts on surface prior to the application of protective coatings: the economical DeFelsko Patch, the latex Bresle patch conformable to ISO 8502-6, the patented new PosiPatch reusable silcone Bresle-method patch with either a magnetic aluminum ring or their newest Flexible Magnetic Ring.


Flexible Magnetic PosiPatch Ring

DeFelsko's new PosiPatch attaches to steel surfaces using a magnetic ring. Choose either the Standard Magnetic Ring, made of aluminum, for flat surfaces, or the new Flexible Magnetic Ring, for use on pipes and other curved surfaces.


ChlorTest Chloride Ion Test Kit by Chlor*Rid International

ChlorTest Chloride Ion Test Kits by Chlor*Rid International are simple-to-use and accurate field test kits for measuring soluble salts on surfaces prior to coatings application. ChlorTest Soluble Salt Test Kits for surfaces are available in 5-test packs or bulk packs of 50 tests.


CHLOR*RID Solution

CHLOR*RID Solution provides safe, reliable removal of soluble salts from a wide variety of surfaces prior to application of protective coatings. Chlor-Rid Liquid is suitable for removal of soluble salts on bridges, ships, storage tanks, power plants, cooling towers, and many other structures.


Chlor*Test A Chloride Ion Test Kit for Abrasives

ChlorTest A Chloride Ion Test Kits by Chlor*Rid International are simple-to-use and accurate field test kits for measuring soluble salts in abrasives used for blast cleaning surfaces prior to coatings application. Chlor*Rid ChlorTest A Soluble Salt Test Kits for Abrasives  are available in 4-test packs or 40-test bulk packs for testing soluble salt contamination of abrasive blast media.



CHLOR*RID DTS ready-to-use solution provides a critical step in surface preparation, by removing soluable salts to ensure a salt-free surface ready for coatings application. Protective coatings are intended to prevent surface degradation; safe and environmentally-friendly ChlorRid DTS removes chlorides and sulfates from virtually all industrial surfaces to combat the risk of coatings failure due to salt contamination.


DeFelsko PosiTector SST Abrasives Test Kit

New!  PosiTector® SST  Abrasives Test Kit measures the concentration of water-soluble contaminates in blast cleaning abrasives.


CHLOR*WASH™ Solution by Chlor-Rid International

CHLOR*WASH is an organic bonding chemical blend which aids in the removal of road films, dirt, and chloride, sulfate and nitrate salts. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and is nonflammable. CHLOR*WASH is biodegradable and therefore is an integral part of a sustainable environment.


HOLD*BLAST by Chor*Rid International

HOLD*BLAST by Chlor*Rid International, is a cost-effective, environmentally-safe, coating-friendly additive to prevent flash rusting. Use Hold*Blast in a solution with potable water, during or after surface preparation by blasting, water-jetting, or washing.


Sticky Rollers

New! Sticky Rollers – dust removal solutions for industrial coatings contractors. 12” Sticky Rollers remove particulate that accumulates on tank floors, shop floors, or other smooth surfaces, to ensure a clean surface for coating and linings application.

Available exclusively through Stone Tucker Instruments! ON: 905-688-5800  AB: 587-758-8367


Chlor*Test C Chloride Ion Test Kit for Concrete

Chlor*Test C Chloride Ion Test Kit for Concrete contains everything needed to detect and measure chlorides in concrete. ChlorTest C is a simple to use,  economical way to ensure against contamination of concrete with salts that can cause decomposition of the finished work.


Chlor*Test W Chloride Ion Test Kit for Water & Liquids

ChlorTest W Chloride Ion Test Kits for Water by Chlor*Rid International are simple to use and accurate field test kits for measuring soluble salts in water used for blast cleaning for coatings preparation, or other liquids. Chlor*Rid ChlorTest W Soluble Salt Test Kits are available in 5-test packs or bulk packs of 50 tests for all salt test applications.


TQC Dust Tape Test Kit

The TQC Dust Tape Test Kit allows evaluation of surface cleanliness prior to paint application, in accordance with the principle of ISO8502-3 “Assessment Of Dust On Steel Surfaces Prepared For Painting (Pressure-Sensitive Tape Method). A rigid binder contains a visual comparator, tape, scissors, magnifier, and standardized report forms.


TQC Bresle Salt Test Kit

The TQC Bresle Chloride Test Kit follows the ISO 8502 standard for testing of steel surfaces for surface salts before applying paints or coatings. A sample is collected in a Bresle Patch, from the surface to be coated, and conductivity of the sample is assessed using the TQC Conductivity Meter to calculate total soluble salts in the sample. The Bresle Test can also be used to assess recycled blast media for salt contamination prior to re-use.


DeFelsko's Wireless Bluetooth Printer

NEW! DeFelsko's Wireless Bluetooth® Printer prints stored batches or streams live readings from your PosiTector Advanced gages.


LeadCheck Kit

LeadCheck is a simple-to-use test kit for detection of lead contamination on surfaces. LeadCheck Swabs instantly detect lead as low as 1 microgram on surfaces, the tip turning progressively darker red for higher levels of lead.

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