Surface Preparation


Surface Profile Measurement

Testex Tape - Press-o-Film Replica Tape for permanent impression of surface profiles up to 5 mils

Testex Kits - kit including Press-o-Film Replica Tape and Testex custom dial micrometer

DeFelsko PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gauge - Digital Surface Profile measurement with memory and statistics

DeFelsko PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader Probe - Digital measurement of Testex Press-o-Film replica tape

DeFelsko PosiTector RTR-3D Replica Tape Reader / Peak Count Probe - digital measurement of Testex Tape; peak count, and 2D / 3D images of Testex tape specimen

Surface Profile Comparators - sand, grit, or shot comparator discs with illuminated magnifier flashlight

TCP - The Concrete Profiler (concrete profile putty) - permanent impression of concrete profile


Surface Contamination Testing - Surface Cleanliness

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ChlorRid ChlorTest Kit - test for chloride ions on surfaces, in water, abrasives, or concrete; bulk packs available

PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester - test for soluble salts on surfaces or in abrasives according to ISO 8502-6; can be used with any Bresle-type patches

TQC Bresle Salt Test Kits - test for soluble salts on surfaces according to ISO 8502-6 and 8502-9

TQC Amine Blush Test Kit - identify amine blush on coated surfaces in multi-layer coating systems

LeadCheck Kits - simple test for lead contamination on surfaces

TQC Dust Tape Test - assess dust on surfaces prior to coating or re-coat

Spectroline Ultra-Violet Light - identify the presence of oil, grease, or other hydro-carbons on surfaces prior to paint application

Sticky Roller - remove dust and debris from surfaces prior to coatings / linings application


Surface Preparation - Blasting & Cleaning

MBX Bristle Blaster - hand-tool to clean rust, mill scale, and create surface profile of 2.5 to 3.3 mils. Electric or pneumatic-drive tools available.

CHLOR*RID Solution  -  safe and economical removal of soluble salts from surfaces prior to coatings application.

CHLOR*RID DTS Solution  -  ready-to-use solution for the removal of soluble salts from surfaces prior to coatings application.

CHLOR*WASH  - remove salts and dirt from virtually any surface

HOLD-BLAST  - surface passivator stops formation of flash-rust on dry-blasted surfaces

Positest_air_wall -345_thumb.jpeg

PosiTest AIR Leak Tester by DeFelsko

The PosiTest® AIR Leak Tester by DeFelsko detects air leakage in building envelopes and air barrier systems. When used in conjunction with visual inspection, the PosiTest AIR Leak Tester provides an accurate reflection of the quality of installation of the membrane and will assist in determining whether the complete air barrier system is in adherence with installation specifications and building codes.

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