UV / Black Lights


Spectroline EK-3000 Eagle Eye UV-A/White Light LED

The Spectroline EK-3000 Eagle Eye UV LED Inspection Light  by Spectronics is a palm-sized lamp featuring two ultra-high intensity UV-A LEDs and three white LED's, for safety-helmet-mounted ultra-violet illumination for fluorescent method magnetic particle inspection and liquid penetrant inspection, as well as hands-free illumination of dark areas. The Eagle Eye UV Lamp can be worn on the helmet or bare head, and is supplied with a sprayer attachment that mounts the lamp together with the spray can to enable one-handed fluorescent inspection.


Spectroline Opti-Lux 365 Ultra-Violet Inspection Flashlight

NEW! Spectronics’ Spectroline Opti-Lux 365 Ultra-Violet LED Inspection Flashlight is ideal for all industrial applications: MPI, LPI, coatings preparation, and fluid leaks including aviation system fluids. Super-compact, and cordless, the Opti-Lux 365 works with all fluid dyes, producing a brilliant glow to identify fluid leaks, cracks and flaws in metal surfaces, and contamination by organic compounds of pre-painted surfaces.


Spectronics BIB 150 Ultra-Violet Lamp with Built-in Ballast

The Spectroline BIB-150 Ultraviolet Lamp with Built-in-Ballast offers enough Ultraviolet intensity to expose hidden organic material, including oil on surfaces, and animal leavings in confined spaces. The BIB 150 is ideal for Magnetic Particle Inspection, Di-Penetrant Inspection, and conforms to ASTM UV-A intensity specifications for both MPI and LPI.


Spectroline Optimax 365 Ultra-Violet LED Flashlight

Spectroline Optimax 365 UV-A LED Flashlight is ideal for Non-destructive Testing methods Magnetic Particle Inspection & Liquid Penetrant Inspection. High-intensity ultra-violet light reveals organic contaminants including oil, and illuminates surface metal defects using MPI and LPI.

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