Concrete Testing


DeFelsko PosiTector® CMM IS Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ

DeFelsko introduces its new PosiTector® CMM IS Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ. Measure relative humidity and temperature in concrete floor slabs. Bluetooth connect to PosiTector App and PosiTector DPM Advanced.


James W-M-255 Low-Impact Manual Concrete Test Hammer

James NDT Low-Impact Concrete Test Hammer - field-test hammer for compressive strength of concrete specimens less than 4" thickness, as well as hardness of other construction materials including ceramics, tile, and mortar, and rock core testing.


James NDT W-M-250 Manual Concrete Test Hammer

James Manual Concrete Test Hammers are an economical tool for quick and easy measurement of concrete compressive strength test in the field.  It will also provide an index of hardness and compressive strength for other construction materials such as mortar, brick, and rock. Conforms to ASTM C-805.


James NDT Low-Impact Digital Schmidt Hammer

James NDT Low-Impact Digital Concrete Test Hammer provides quick and easy testing compressive strength of thinner concrete specimens. It's lower impact force makes it ideal for testing plaster and mortar, as well as brittle rock cores that would break under normal impact force, as well as paper and film rolls that would be damaged by the standard hammer.

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James NDT Digital Concrete Test Hammer

James Digital Concrete Test Hammers for quick and easy determination of the compressive strength of concrete and other construction materials. Three kits available.


TQC Concrete Moisture Meter

TQC Concrete Moisture Meter provides non-destructive measurement of moisture content of concrete surfaces and structures. This hand-held moisture meter features large, clear display, and four moisture scales, including 0 - 6% for concrete, 0 - 4% carbide scale for measuring concrete humidity, and a 0 - 100% relative scale for greater versatility.


Tramex Concrete Encounter CME 4

Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter CME 4 moisture meter is a pocket-sized, non-destructive, non-invasive meter for measuring moisture content in concrete surfaces.


Tramex CMEX II Digital Concrete Moisture Encounter

The Tramex CMEXII is the digital version of the CME4 hand-held non-invasive moisture meter for concrete. Optional Hygro-I relative humidity probe and heavy-duty pin-type wood probe, make the Concrete Moisture Encounter II an ideal all-in-one instrument for the flooring professional.


The Concrete Profiler - TCP Putty

The Concrete Profiler by O.T.B. Technologies, also known as TCP Putty, is a fast-curing, environmentally-safe 2-part putty for determining surface profile of concrete in preparation for application of protective coatings. The Concrete Profiler is the only product available designed to produce a permanent record of anchor profile for concrete surfaces.


Original Schmidt Hammer by Proceq

Proceq Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer is a Rebound Concrete Test Hammer for determining the Compressive Strength of Concrete and mortar. The Original Schmidt Hammer with lower impact force can also be used to test cast stone or brittle rock.


Proceq SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer

Proceq SilverSchmidt Electronic Concrete Test Hammer: - an Electronic Schmidt Hammer to determine Compressive Strength of Concrete, Mortar, and Rock.


Proceq Profometer 5+ Concrete Covermeter and Rebar Detector

Proceq Profometer 5+ Rebar Locator and Concrete Cover Meter - lightweight and compact non-destructive detection of Rebar in Concrete, as well as measurement of Concrete Cover and rebar diameter.

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