Gloss Meter


Novo-Gloss Lite

Novo-Gloss Lite Gloss Meter by Rhopoint is a light-weight, easy-to-use, portable glossmeter with statistical analysis and download capability. Use Novo-Gloss Lite 60-degree to measure mid- to high-gloss surfaces; Novo-Gloss Lite 45 degree measuring geometry for ceramics, textiles, or anodized aluminum. Dual-angle Novo-Gloss Lite 20/60 includes the universal 60-dgree measuring geometry as well as the 20-degree angle for improved high-gloss sensitivity.


TQC GlossMeter

NEW! TQC presents a full line of Gloss Meters. TQC means European design and manufacture for exceptional quality at excellent prices. Available in three models - SOLOGloss: single 60-degree, DUOGloss dual-angle 20/60 degree, and POLYGloss triple-angle 20/60/85-degree models - the new TQC Gloss Meter allows simple, fast, and accurate gloss levels measurement on any flat surface.


Novo-Gloss Trio

Novo-Gloss Trio Glossmeter by Rhopoint is a light-weight, simple to use triple-angled gloss meter with 20, 60, and 85 degree measuring geometries to measure gloss of any type of surface finish.


Zehntner ZGM 1110

The Zehntner ZGM1110 GlossMeter is possibly the smallest stand-alone tri-angle glossmeter available today. ZGM 1110 by gloss meter with LED display has a 128 mb memory card for internal storage of readings.


Zehntner ZGM 1120

The ZGM 1120 Glossmeter by Zehntner is probably the smallest glossmeter in the world. With the small measuring head, the ZGM 1120 Glosssmeter will measure gloss on very small surfaces.

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