Gloss Meter


Novo-Gloss Lite

Novo-Gloss Lite Gloss Meter by Rhopoint is a light-weight, easy-to-use, portable glossmeter with statistical analysis and download capability. Use Novo-Gloss Lite 60-degree to measure mid- to high-gloss surfaces; Novo-Gloss Lite 45 degree measuring geometry for ceramics, textiles, or anodized aluminum. Dual-angle Novo-Gloss Lite 20/60 includes the universal 60-dgree measuring geometry as well as the 20-degree angle for improved high-gloss sensitivity.


TQC GlossMeter

NEW! TQC presents a full line of Gloss Meters. TQC means European design and manufacture for exceptional quality at excellent prices. Available in three models - SOLOGloss: single 60-degree, DUOGloss dual-angle 20/60 degree, and POLYGloss triple-angle 20/60/85-degree models - the new TQC Gloss Meter allows simple, fast, and accurate gloss levels measurement on any flat surface.


Novo-Gloss Trio

Novo-Gloss Trio Glossmeter by Rhopoint is a light-weight, simple to use triple-angled gloss meter with 20, 60, and 85 degree measuring geometries to measure gloss of any type of surface finish.

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