Hardness Testers


DeFelsko PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor

DeFelsko's NEW PosiTector BHI Barcol Hardness Impressor is ideal for testing hardness of softer metals, harder plastics, and fibre-reinforced plastics.


DeFelsko PosiTector SHD Shore Hardness Tester

DeFelsko's PosiTector SHD Shore Hardnesss Durometer hand-held electronic instrument that measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials. Two models are available for different hardness ranges - Shore A and Shore D.


PTC Ergo-Style Durometer

The Ergo Style Durometers from PTC Instruments are built to meet or exceed current ASTM D2240 and ISO 868 specifications. The 400-Series Ergo Durometers features a removable knob for small confined areas while landing on a solid 1" x 1 " base, allowing hardness testing of smaller surfaces. These durometers measure the indentation hardness of rubber, elastomers, and other rubber-like substances, plastics including epoxies, as well as soft plastics, felt, leather, and similar materials.


PTC Classic-Style Durometer

The PTC CLASSIC-STYLE DUROMETER for testing material hardness meets or exceeds ASTM standards for measurement of hardness by indentation method. Available in Shore Scales A, B, C, D, 000, the Classic Durometer by PTC can be used in hand, with a test stand, or with a constant load weight.


PTC Durometer - Analogue Pencil Style

The 200-series PTC Analogue Pencil-Style Durometer has a 1/2" diameter base, the smallest permitted by ASTM D2240 standard for hardness testing, allowing it to be used on small or hard-to-reach areas that cannot be tested by other durometers.


PTC Digital Durometer - Pencil Style

The PTC DIGITAL PENCIL-STYLE DUROMETER has the smallest base allowed by ASTM D2240 standards for hardness testers. PTC Digital Durometer features a large, direct-read LCD display, auto shut-off, and low battery warning. Meets or exceeds ASTM D2240 for hardness measurement.


H-501 Pencil Hardness Tester

The H-501 Pencil Hardness Gauge from Micro-Metrics Company is a practical tool for testing the hardness or rigidity of organic coatings in the lab, on the production line, or in the field. A set of 14 pencil leads of differing hardness values are contained in a plastic case, with metal lead holders, and a metal centre contact guide for for the lead in current use.


Time Instruments TH200 Shore A Hardness Tester

The TH200 Shore A Hardness Tester by Time Instruments is a hand-held Digital Durometer for testing Shore A hardness of soft rubbers and plastics, vinyl, silicone, and other softer materials. Pocket-sized with integrated probe, the TH200 Digital Durometer features data storage, LCD display, and low-battery indicator for increased versatility.


TIME TH210 Shore D Hardness Tester

The Time TH210 Shore D Hardness Tester is a Digital Durometer for testing Shore D hardness of harder materials including hard rubbers and plastics, acrylic, pvc, nylon, lexan, and epoxies including paints.


DH-100 Portable Metal Hardness Tester by Time Instruments

DHT-100 Portable Hardness Tester from Time Instruments is a hand-held Leeb-style Digital Hardness Tester for use in a variety of applications. Large LCD display, wide measuring range in each of Leeb, Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, and Shore hardness scales, statistics calculations, high-low alarm, and data storage make the DHT-100 ideal for virtually any testing situation where a hand-held impact device is indicated.


DHT-300 Integrated Hardness Tester by Time Instruments

The DHT-300 Hardness Tester by Time Group is a pocket-sized digital impact Hardness Tester for testing material hardness. Data display of the DHT-300 hardness tester includes statistics, and hardness values of metals in Brinell, Rockwell, Leebs, Vickers, and Shore hardness scales. USB data transfer and recharging make the DHT-300 metal hardness tester up-to-date and convenient.


PCWI Coating Impact Tester

The PCWI Coating Impact Tester, also referred to as a Drop Weight Tester, allows coatings to be tested for elasticity, brittleness, and adhesion to the substrate. Mechanical damage to surface coatings occurs under impact or other stress. Determine susceptibility to stress damage under impact with PCWI Coating Impact Tester.

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