Holiday Detectors


DeFelsko PosiTest HHD High-voltage Holiday Detector

DeFelsko announces its new PosiTest HHD High voltage Holiday Detector. User-adjustable Pulse DC output detects pinholes, bubbles, and porosity in protective coatings up to 780 mils (20mm) thickness.


DeFelsko PosiTest HHD Verifier

DeFelsko's new PosiTest HHD Verifier is a calibrated voltmeter (crest meter, jeep meter) ideal for verifying the operating voltage of both Pulse and Continuous DC holiday detectors in the range from 500 to 35,000 Volts.


DeFelsko PosiTest LPD Low Voltage Pinhole Detector

DeFelsko announces its new PosiTest LPD Low Voltage Pinhole Detector! It uses a wet sponge to detect holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities on metal and concrete substrates without damaging the coating


Tinker & Rasor Model AP/W High Voltage Holiday Detector

Tinker & Rasor’s Model AP/W High Voltage Holiday Detector couples a belt-worn voltage regulator with integrated voltmeter with a hand-held PowerPak for spark testing for pinholes, air bubbles, or inclusive contamination of non-conductive coatings and linings on conductive substrates on pipelines, tanks, concrete, or steel structures. Release of AP/W’s safety switch instantly cuts power shutting the instrument off. High and low voltage ranges of 800 - 35,000 volts, adjustable by 100 v increments, audible and visual pinhole alerts, and push-button controls make the Tinker & Rasor AP/W High Voltage Porosity Detector suitable for all coatings inspection applications.


Tinker & Rasor M/1 Low Voltage Holiday Detector

Tinker & Rasor Model M/1 Low Voltage Porosity Detector features regulated 67.5 v DC output voltage to locate pinholes in thin film coatings up to 20 mils thickness using the Wet Sponge Method in accordance with NACE RP0188. The T & R M-1 is available as a battery-operated unit for coatings inspection in the field, or as AC-supplied M1/AC for use where standard AC electrical supply is available.


PCWI Mini Crest Meter for DC Holiday Detectors

The PCWI Mini DC Crest Meter is used to test the output voltage of constant-current high-voltage holiday detectors and to confirm the accuracy of the voltage on the display.


Tinker & Rasor APS High-Voltage Holiday Detector

Tinker & Rasor APS High-Voltage Holiday Detector is a stick-type pinhole detector featuring pulsed DC output ranging from 800 to 35,000 volts. Trigger-release safety-switch instantly shuts the instrument down, eliminating power-on when unattended. Audible and visual pinhole indicators, weather and dust-sealed voltage selector, high and low voltage ranges are key features of the Tinker & Rasor APS Porosity Detector.



PCWI Wet Sponge Pinhole Detector

PCWI LOW VOLTAGE HOLIDAY DETECTOR, popularly called a Thin Film Holiday Detector, Pinhole Tester, or Wet Sponge Tester, uses the Wet Sponge Method to detect pinholes or flaws in coatings of up to 20 mils thickness. PCWI Wet Sponge Tester features a large sponge and telescoping handle in 3-Voltage selectable and single voltage models.

PCWI_Compact_(Red DC)-10_thumb.jpeg

PCWI Compact DC High Voltage Holiday Detector

PCWI Compact DC High Voltage Holiday Detectors are light-weight, fully-portable DC holiday detectors for the detection of pinholes, air bubbles, and porosity in non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates, including concrete. PCWI High-Voltage Holiday Detectors are suitable for pinhole detection in coatings up to 300 mils on pipelines, storage tanks, valves, and many other structures. PCWI DC Holiday Detectors come in two voltage ranges: DC15 to 15kV, DC30 to 30kV.


PCWI Compact Pulsed Holiday Detector

The PCWI COMPACT PULSE HIGH-VOLTAGE HOLIDAY DETECTOR is a light-weight, fully portable high-voltage holiday detector with regulated pulsed output for detection of pinholes in dielectric coatings on conductive substrates, including concrete. The PCWI Pulsed Holiday Detector is ideal for holiday detection in moist conditions, on wet or contaminated coating surfaces, or in coatings likely to become electrostatically charged, such as plastic or fiberglass-type coatings. PCWI Pulsed Holiday Detectors come in three models:  P20 (2 - 20 kV) and P40 (5 - 40kV) models are used to detect pinholes, air bubbles, or porosity of carbon-impregnated coatings such as carbonated rubber, thick coatings such as rubber linings.

Holiday Detectors are commonly referred to as porosity detectors, spark testers, or jeepers.

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