TQC USB Microscope Camera

TQC LD6182 USB-Microscope Camera is a inexpensive, pocket-sized lighted microscope combined with colour digital camera connects to computer via USB. Clear colour photos with a press of a button. Ideal for visual analysis of surface characteristics such as coating thickness, cross-cut adhesion testing, number or distance between objects on the surface, cracks or mars in a surface, or other coatings or quality inspection applications.


EOSII Headlamp by Princeton Tec

The EOS II Headlamp by Princeton Tec is Class1 Division 1, Intrinsically Safe Headlamp suitable for industrial applications including painting operations,oil and gas, refineries, and mining.


Spectroline EK-3000 Eagle Eye UV-A/White Light LED

The Spectroline EK-3000 Eagle Eye UV LED Inspection Light  by Spectronics is a palm-sized lamp featuring two ultra-high intensity UV-A LEDs and three white LED's, for safety-helmet-mounted ultra-violet illumination for fluorescent method magnetic particle inspection and liquid penetrant inspection, as well as hands-free illumination of dark areas. The Eagle Eye UV Lamp can be worn on the helmet or bare head, and is supplied with a sprayer attachment that mounts the lamp together with the spray can to enable one-handed fluorescent inspection.


BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with Colour Camera

New! BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with high-resolution Colour Camera displays crisp colour images on your computer screen, for visual analysis of surface details including coating thickness, coating failure, cross-cut adhesion testing, impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, or scratch / mar resistance. Image capture and image analysis software make DPM 100 the idea Digital Pocket Microscope for coatings inspection, steel inspection, and a variety of other quality inspection applications.


Pelican™ MityLite 2300

Pelican™ MityLite is a small hand-held flashlight with full Pelican™ features. MityLite 2300 is chemical, water, and corrosion resistant with Class 1, Division 2 safety approval.


Pelican™ SabreLite 2000

The Pelican™ SabreLite 2000 hand-held flashlight with bright Xenon lamp, unbreakable Lexan body, and hi-impact nylon lens is submersible up to 500 feet, and has the greatest number of safety approvals on the market. Pelican SabreLite 2000 is CSA approved for Class 1 Division 2 situations, making it suitable for most potentially dangerous environments.


Pelican SabreLite Recoil LED

Pelican™ SabreLite 2020 Recoil LED flashlight directs the LED light backwards onto a reflector to project 100% of the light forward for maximum illumination. True white light at 75 lumens brightness in a fully collimated beam means brighter light for greater distance. The SabreLite Recoil LED cuts through fog and smoke for maximum illumination.


Spectronics BIB 150 Ultra-Violet Lamp with Built-in Ballast

The Spectroline BIB-150 Ultraviolet Lamp with Built-in-Ballast offers enough Ultraviolet intensity to expose hidden organic material, including oil on surfaces, and animal leavings in confined spaces. The BIB 150 is ideal for Magnetic Particle Inspection, Di-Penetrant Inspection, and conforms to ASTM UV-A intensity specifications for both MPI and LPI.


Spectroline Optimax 365 Ultra-Violet LED Flashlight

Spectroline Optimax 365 UV-A LED Flashlight is ideal for Non-destructive Testing methods Magnetic Particle Inspection & Liquid Penetrant Inspection. High-intensity ultra-violet light reveals organic contaminants including oil, and illuminates surface metal defects using MPI and LPI.


Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

The new 9430 REMOTE AREA LIGHTING SYSTEM by Pelican™ is your complete maintenance-free, portable lighting solution. With 2000 lumens of bright LED light and up to a 15 hour burn time per charge, you can work anywhere. At 22 lbs., the compact Pelican 9430 Remote Area Lighting System is easy to take anywhere you need to go. The 9430 RAL System extends to nearly 3 feet in height.

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