Magnetic Particle Inspection


BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with Colour Camera

New! BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with high-resolution Colour Camera displays crisp colour images on your computer screen, for visual analysis of surface details including coating thickness, coating failure, cross-cut adhesion testing, impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, or scratch / mar resistance. Image capture and image analysis software make DPM 100 the idea Digital Pocket Microscope for coatings inspection, steel inspection, and a variety of other quality inspection applications.


WE-3 AC Magnetic Particle Yoke

WE-3 Magnetic Particle Yoke by Western Instruments is an economical, lightweight standard AC Yoke. The WE 3 lifts over 10 pounds, exceeding ASTM or ASME specifications for AC Yokes. Ergonomic hand-grip with urethane rubber housing, and Western Instruments' Quick Change Switch make the WE-3 a superior economy AC mag particle yoke.


WE-3LT Magnetic Particle Yoke

The WE-3 LT Magnetic Particle Yoke is over 30% lighter than any other Western Instruments AC Yoke with a hand grip that is 40% smaller. Its smaller size makes the WE3 LT an excellent tool for magnetic particle inspection.


WE-3HD Heavy Duty Standard AC Magnetic Particle Yoke

The WE-3HD Heavy-Duty Magnetic Particle Yoke is an economical AC magnetic particle yoke with a compact frame featuring Western Instruments' exclusive Strain Relief Power Cord with 360 degree rotation to reduce cord damage, standard micro-switch with slip-in switch cover to improve safety, and urethane rubber, ergonomically-designed housing for increased durability and user-comfort..


WC-6 Compact Magnetic Particle Yoke

WC-6 Magnetic Particle Yoke is Western Instrument's most popular AC Magnetic Particle Yoke due to it's light weight and ease of handling. The WC-6 compact yoke offers enhanced features for increased durability, versatility, and operator comfort.


WC-6x2 High-Output Compact Magnetic Particle Yoke

WC-6x2 Magnetic Particle Yoke is a high-output, compact AC Yoke that lifts over 20 pounds, far exceeding ASTM or ASME Specifications for AC Yokes. With greater sensitivity and stronger field than standard AC Yokes, WC-6x2 was developed to test for surface discontinuities in coated steel surfaces, without having to remove the coatings.


WE-7 Compact AC/DC Magnetic Particle Yoke

WE-7 Compact AC/DC Magnetic Particle Yoke lifts over 10 pounds in the AC mode and over 50 pounds in DC mode exceeding ASTM or ASME Specification.


WC-8 Magnetic Particle Yoke

WC-8 Pulsed DC Magnetic Particle Yoke lifts over 50 pounds to comply with DC Specification.


WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Particle Yoke

WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Particle Yoke provides complete mobility and is designed for operation in Class 1, Division 2 Environments.


Standard Permanent Magnet Yoke

WM-5 Permanent Magnet Yoke is a Hinged-Frame magnetic particle yoke with rotating contact feet to maximize contact area with the workpiece. The WM-5 is a completely portable Magnetic Particle Inspection tool.


Cable Style Yoke

Cable-Style Permanant Magnet Yokes permit maximum contact area between the magnet and the work piece. Minimum lift of 50 pounds is assured for years. The WM-5C Permanent Magnet Yoke by Western Instruments is an Intrinsically Safe magnetic particle yoke.


WD-Series Magnetic Particle Coils

WD-series Magnetic Particle Coils are fully self-contained, and feature DC Magnetization, Reversing DC Demagnetization, and variable output. 5 models/sizes available


WA-Series Magnetic Particle Coils

WA-Series Magnetic Particle Coils were designed for Magnetic Particle Inspection of Oilfield Tubular Goods , but are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. WA-Series Coils are available in both AC and AC/DC models.


W-FI Field Indicators (Magnetometers)

W-FI Field Indicators, or Magnetometers, are designed to measure the relative intensity of a magnetic field before or after Magnetic Particle Inspection.

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