Moisture Detection


DeFelsko PosiTector® CMM IS Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ

DeFelsko introduces its new PosiTector® CMM IS Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ. Measure relative humidity and temperature in concrete floor slabs. Bluetooth connect to PosiTector App and PosiTector DPM Advanced.


Tramex RWS Roof and Wall Scanner

Tramex RWS Roof And Wall Scanner combines the functions of the Wet  Wall Detector and the Roof Leak Seeker into one multi-purpose meter, providing instant, non-destructive evaluation of moisture and leak tracking in roofing in accordance with ASTM D7954, and in wall systems of the building envelope.


TQC Concrete Moisture Meter

TQC Concrete Moisture Meter provides non-destructive measurement of moisture content of concrete surfaces and structures. This hand-held moisture meter features large, clear display, and four moisture scales, including 0 - 6% for concrete, 0 - 4% carbide scale for measuring concrete humidity, and a 0 - 100% relative scale for greater versatility.


Tramex Concrete Encounter CME 4

Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter CME 4 moisture meter is a pocket-sized, non-destructive, non-invasive meter for measuring moisture content in concrete surfaces.


Tramex CMEX II Digital Concrete Moisture Encounter

The Tramex CMEXII is the digital version of the CME4 hand-held non-invasive moisture meter for concrete. Optional Hygro-I relative humidity probe and heavy-duty pin-type wood probe, make the Concrete Moisture Encounter II an ideal all-in-one instrument for the flooring professional.


Moisture Encounter Plus

The MEP Moisture Encounter Plus is a non-destructive moisture meter by Tramex for measuring moisture content of wood, drywall, plaster, brick, tile, felt-roofing, and other building materials.


Tramex MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter

The Tramex MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter is a hand-held digital moisture meter calibrated for most building materials, which also features a plug-in for optional Tramex Hygro-I® RH probe, and heavy-duty pin-type moisture electrodes.


Skipper Plus

Skipper Plus Moisture Meter by Tramex measures moisture in wooden boats, glass-reinforced plastic boat hulls, and wooden components.


Tramex Dec Scanner - Roofing Moisture Scanner

The Tramex  Dec Scanner  is a mobile non-destructive impedance scanner designed for the instant surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems per ASTM D7954. Ideal for water leak detection in roofing materials.


Delmhorst BD10 Moisture Meter

BD 10 Moisture Meter by Delmhorst is a pin-type moisture meter with an analogue dial readout featuring a wood scale and numerical reference scale for measuring moisture in wood and non-wood materials.


Delmhorst BD 2100 Pin-Style Moisture Meter

BD 2100 Digital Moisture Meter by Delmhorst is a pin-style moisture meter with digital read-out featuring wood, reference, and gypsum scales. Ideal for flooring, painting, and general contractors, for woodworkers and home inspection applications.


Vapor Test Calcium Chloride Test Kit for Concrete

Vapour Test Calcium ChlorideTest for determining the amount of moisture in set concrete measures the amount of water vapour escaping from a concrete slab over a specified period of time.

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