pH Testing


Insta-Chek PH Pencil Concrete pH Test Kit

Insta-Chek pH Pencil Concrete pH Test Kit quickly reveals the pH level of cured concrete slabs.


TES 1380

Data-logging meter for fast and easy meaurement of pH and temperature or mV and temperature.


Hanna Extended Range Ph Meter

Hanna Extended Range pH Meter meter reads from -2 to +16 pH and displays temperature from -5 to 105 degrees C or 23 to 221 degrees F.


Hanna Soil pH Kit

Hanna Soil pH Kit provides fast and accurate measurement of pH directly in soil.


Hanna pHep Waterproof PH Tester

The Hanna pHep Waterproof PH Tester is a floating, extended-range pH tester which simultaneously displays pH and temperature.

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