Tooke Gauges


OG202 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge (aluminium)

Micro-Metrics' OG202 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge is a precision tool for inspection and thickness measurement of single or multiple coating layers on any substrate, and for microscopic observation and measurement of substrate and film defects. Available in plastic or aluminum body, with 50-power microscope with universale measuring reticule marked in mils, microns, and millimeters, and standard 1X, 2X, and 10X tungsten carbide cutting tips  and optional 5X cutting tip.


OG 204 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge (plastic)

Precision Paint Inspection Gauge or Tooke Gauge made of injection-molded high-impact polycarbonate plastic. For dry film measurement of single or multiple coats on any substrate, as well as the microscopic examination and measurement of substrate and film defects.



The Micro-Groover is a high-speed rotary tool for creating tiny incisions in coatings required for measurements with Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge.

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