Weld Gauge


Bridge Cam Welding Gauge

Bridge Cam Welding Gage by GAL Gage Co, measures angle of preparation, 0º to 60º; excess weld metal (capping size); depth of undercut; depth of pitting; fillet weld throat size; fillet weld length; and misalignment (high-low). High-quality stainless steel construction ensures accuracy of measurement and durability.


Hi-Lo Welding Gauge

The Hi-Lo Gauge by GAL Gage measures internal alignment of pipe.


7-Piece Fillet Weld Gauge Set by G.A.L. Gage

7-piece Fillet Weld Gage Set by G.A.L. Gage measures both concave and convex weld sizes, fillet throat or fillet leg size. Measures from 1/8 to 1", or 3 to 25 mm.


Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge by G.A.L. Gage

The Adjustable Fillet Weld Gage by GAL Gage is a simple-to-use gauge for measuring Fillet Welds of 1/8 to 1" and Weld Throat Thickness. The Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge features unequal leg measurement feature.


Digital Weld Gage by GAL Gage

The Digital Welding Gauge by GAL Gage measures Butt Weld Reinforcement and Weld Throat, with LCD display, and download capability.


Western Instruments' Tri-Weld Welding Gauge

Pocket-sized, multi-purpose, lever-style Tri-Weld Welding Gauge by Western Instruments, features 9 weld measurement functions in one convenient and easy-to-use gauge. Use the Tri-Weld Gauge to measure weld gap depth, internal hi-lo, weld filet height, weld leg length, weld height, undercut depth, misalignment, and angle of preparation, as well as straight linear measures up to 3.5 inches or 100 mm.


Junior Tri-Gauge VM

The Junior Tri-Gauge VM® is Western Instruments’ new Lever-style Pit Gauge with metric and imperial measuring scales, with resolutions of 64th’s of an inch, millimeters by .2 mm, and thousands of an inch to .005” (five thou.) In addition to Pit Depth measurement, the Jr. Tri-Gauge is suitable for measurement of weld reinforcement and weld undercut depth.

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