Tinker & Rasor SR-2 Soil Resistivity Meter

Tinker & Rasor's Model SR-2 Soil Resisitivity Meter measures the resistance of soil at various depths, for a variety of applications including pipelines, tanks, wells, and geological or archaeological surveys. The SR-2 is designed for use in both 2-Pin and 4-Pin (Wenner) methods of soil resistance measurements. The SR-2 provides easy resistance reads with a digital 4 ½ digit display and easily-adjusted Ohm range selector.

The Tinker & Rasor SR-2 is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • new pipeline surveys
  • direct assessment surveys
  • U.S.T. surveys
  • anode bed installations
  • geological surveys
  • archaeological surveys

SR-2 Soil Resistivity Meter is supplied with the meter, 9v replaceable battery, 12v rechargeable battery,  110v battery charger, and instruction manual. Soil Boxes are sole separately.


  • Highly accurate and easy to use
  • 4.5 Digital Display
  •  0.01 Ω to 3.3 MΩ range
  • Push button operations
  • DL-1 Data logger connection
  • Low battery indicator
  • Internal rechargeable battery (12V)
  • Battery charger included
  • Common pin spacing multipliers and formulae included on lid
  • MIL-SPEC Instrument enclosure
  • Pelican™ instrument case with weather-sealed lid
  • 90-day parts & labor manufacturer's warranty
  • applicable standards: ASTM G57, G187, AASHTO T 288*
  • Suitable for
    • Wenner 4 Pin Method
    • 3-Pin "Fall of Potential" Method
    • 2-Pin Method
    • Geological Studies
    • Casing Shorts
    • Soilbox

SR-2 Connected to SB-1 Soil Box  

* ASTM G57 - Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Soil Resistivity Using the Wenner Four-Electrode Method
  ASTM G187 - Standard Test Method for Measurement of Soil Resistivity Using the Two-Electrode Soil Box Method
  AASHTO T 288 - Standard Method of Test for Determining Minimum Laboratory Soil Resistivity

Model SR-2 Soil Resistivity Meter may only be used in non-hazardous locations. Prevent instrument damage: do not meausre across energized circuits.



SB-1 - strong plastic resin suitable for lab or field use. Clear for easy inspection and cleaning. 4 cm H x 6 cm W x 23.75 cm L  (1.575 x 2.362 x 9.350 inches)  (ID)





SB-2 - Strong plastic resin suitable for field or lab use. Cleary for easy visual inspection and cleaning. 38 mm H x 101.5 mm W x 152.3 mm L (1.49 x 3.99 x 5.99 inches) (ID)









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