Powder Coaters Quality Control Kit

The Powder Coaters' Quality Control Kit includes the complete suite of equipment needed to monitor and control the quality of powder coating from application through to adhesion testing. The PosiTector PC Powder Checker provides non-contact measurement of unbaked powder to render the predicted cured paint thickness. PC Powder Checker is hand-held, and completely wireless to avoid dragging through powder and marring the application. With a measuring range of .8 - 4.3 mils (20 - 110 µm), and on-board storage of 1000 readings in up to 100 batches down-loadable by USB directly to computer, PC Powder Checker makes it possible to ensure proper powder paint application before bake, improving productivity and reducing costs due to the use of excessive powder or the need to recoat the parts. PC Powder Checker conforms to ASTM D7378-10 "Standard Practice for Measurement of Thickness of Applied Coating Powders to Predict Cured Thickness."

TQC Curve-X2 USB Oven Logger monitors and records air and surface temperatures inside the powder oven during the baking period, to ensure that both liquid and powder paints cure properly.

Measuring dry film coating thickness confirms the results of unbaked powder thickness measurement, as well as conformance to the appropriate standards for the particular application. The PosiTector 6000 series of Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauges offers two gauge options, and a wide range of measuring probes for measuring a variety of coatings on metal substrates.

Coating failure results in expensive warranty repairs. Coatings adhesion up to 5 mils thickness can be tested in accordance with ASTM D-3359 using the Cross Hatch Cutter method of pull-off adhesion testing. Cross hatch kits come with a handle and one blade of choice according to the thickness of the coating to be tested, a lighted magnifier, adhesion test tape, and a brush in a hard carrying case.

All products can be purchased individually, or all us for special kit pricing on the complete Powder Coaters' Quality Control Kit.


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