STI Testex Kit

Surface profile measurement is a critical aspect of a quality coatings inspection job. Stone Tucker Instruments combines the industry-standard Testex Press-O-Film surface profile replica tape with DeFelsko's new PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader in our new STI Testex Kit.

Using the stainless steel burnishing tool included with the PosiTector RTR probe, the coatings inspector will take an impression of the blasted surface with the Testex Tape following the specified procedure. The impression of the surface profile is then measured using the PosiTector Replica Tape Reader, providing the coatings inspector with a digital record of the surface profile that can be stored in the gauge, downloaded to computer, or uploaded to a mobile device or DeFelsko's new web-based "cloud" application, PosiSoft.net. Stored measurements can be incorporated into inspection reports along with environmental conditions such as air, surface, and dewpoint temperatures and relative humidity, and coating thickness measurements. The PosiTector RTR probe is compatible with both standard and advanced models of the PosiTector universal gauge body, complimenting the coatings inspector's suite of inspection tools.

Each STI Testex Kit includes one PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader probe*, with stainless steel burnishing tool, cleaning card, surface cleaning putty, and check shim, as well as 2 rolls of coarse or extra-coarse grade Testex Press-O-Film surface profile replica tape.

* kit contains RTR probe only; gauge body or other accessories can be purchased separately

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