BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope with Colour Camera

The New BYK DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope is ideal for most quality inspection applications. With varying magnification up to 200 x, and a clear colour image displayed on computer screen, the DPM 100 works for a variety of applications including coatings quality inspection and assessment of paint failures, evaluation of Buchholz Hardness test, impact test, cupping test, and mandrel bend testing, evaluation of indications in Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspection, as well as examining print quality, and structure or grain of paper, textiles, plastics, and other materials. High-resolution images are captured with the Colour Camera at the press of the button for further evaluation or inclusion in reports.

The DPM Digital Pocket Microscope features Image Analysis Software to enable area measurement as well as measurement or count of inclusions such as dots and voids. Store images and test results for inclusion in quality reports.

Image Analysis software included with the DPM 100 Pocket Microscope stores images and test results for inclusion in quality assessment reports. Software includes tools to measure length, distance, area, and angle, as well as automatic image analysis options including:

  • Dots or 'satellites' - number of dots, average size, and percentage of area covered
  • lines - width and contrast of lines, blurriness, raggedness, or angle of trailing line edges
  • shape - area, width, height, and perimeter of selected objects within the region

as well as voids, graininess, mottling, text, barcodes, and others.

Features of the BYK DPM 100 Pocket Microscope with Camera:

  • high-res CCD camera with clear image capture
  • portable and easy-to-use
  • USB connection for data transfer
  • Windows-compatible
  • auto-gain function to adjust for lightness differences
  • 4-LED illumination
  • capture button to save images
  • data-base function for storage of images and test results
  • calibration function for camera with calibration sheet

DPM 100 Digital Pocket Microscope standard delivery includes:

DPM 100 Pocket Microscope; DPM100 Image Analysis Software;  Metal Cup; Metal Instrument Stand;  carrying case; English operating manual.


DPM 100 Product Data Sheet-284-960757096.pdf
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