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PCWI Travelling Paint Oven Logger

PCWI Travelling Oven Temperature Data Logger was designed to monitor temperatures inside powder coating cure ovens. PCWI's 4-channel oven temperature logger measures and records temperatures of ambient air inside the paint oven and the temperature of the coated part with up to four K-type temperature probes. Temperature readings from all four probes are displayed simultaneously on PCWI Oven Logger's digital display. The stainless steel oven cabinet protects the Oven Logger from the intensity of the heat inside the paint oven while carrying the data logger through the bake oven with the coated pieces. PCWI's PC-compatible oven logger software creates graphs and charts of recorded temperature data to enable the operator to produce detailed quality reports of the powder cure process.


Features and Technical Specifications of the PCWI Travelling Paint Oven Temperature Logger

  • four-channel data-logger
  • 1.75 meter clamp leads (order one or two sets per temperature logger)
  • Data logging software
  • RS232 cable & software
  • USB cable & software driver
  • Stainless steel box with handle
  • selectable C or F temperature scales
  • logger measuring range:        - 200 to 1370º C
  • clamp probe:   -50 to 400º C
  • operating temperature:           0 to - 50º C
  • accuracy:        1º C + 0.3% reading
  • resolution:      - 200 to 200º C - 0.1º; 200 to 1350º C - 1º C
  • recording interval:      1 sec to 1 hr 40 min (99 min, 99 sec)
  • Memory:         16,000 readings per channel
  • Power: 9V battery - optional power supply available


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