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TQC Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger

The Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger by TQC is an easy-to-use digital data logger for temperature monitoring of industrial paint and powder coating cure ovens.

Maintaining optimum paint oven temperature as well as adequate temperature of coated parts is imperative to proper cure of liquid and powder coatings. Coatings adhesion, uniform covering, and cure quality are all jeopardized when the paint oven temperatures deviate from the optimum temperatures for the coating used, or when the coated part is not kept at the correct temperature for the required time. Uneven cured-paint thickness, orange peel, or coating adhesion failure can result from improper oven conditions, requiring costly rework or complete rejection of the parts.

TQC Curve-X2 Paint Oven Logger monitors and records heating and cooling rates, ambient and surface temperatures at each individual probe location, extreme and average temperatures, and elapsed time between temperature presets.

Curve-X2 Oven Logger features a large, illuminated display, menu-driven operation with five menu languages, and storage of temperature measurements in up to 10 batches of up to 25,000 readings per batch. Up to 15 paint types can be programmed via computer into the Curve-X2, permitting accurate calculation of the Cure-Index. Data-logging can be pre-set to start at specified date and time, or temperature.

Ideal Finish oven-profiling software enables the paint shop operator to monitor and analyse temperature data and produce detailed professional reports including charts and graphs in a variety of formats. With Ideal Finish software, you can create and store your company’s paint oven layouts and set-ups, create a paint library with cure specifications for the coatings used in your shop. Add a picture of the part being coated and automatically calculate temperature probe positions along the piece.

Features & Technical Specifications of the Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger

  • 6 probe channels
  • Optional 6-channel add-on to have 12 channels
  • Complete range of surface and ambient probes with strong and flexible cable with Teflon outer shield
  • Ideal Finish software – Windows-compatible
  • Stainless steel insulation box (300oC)
  • Optional silicone-free, all stainless high temperature insulation box
  • Measuring range: - 50  to 1200 C / -58  to 2200 F
  • Accuracy:            + 0.3o C / 0.6o F
  • Resolution:         0.1o C / 0.2o F
  • Interval:              1 second up to 1 hour
  • Memory:             10 batches of up to 25,000 readings each, or one batch of 250,000 readings

Each logger comes with one set of numbered metal probe tags to identify probe to channel

The TQC Curve X2 Oven Logger Kit includes the Curve-X2 USB Paint Oven Logger, Ideal Finish software & data cable, insulation box for up to 300º C, energy absorber, silicon gasket, probe identification kit, and a separate carrying case with trolley..

Available Probes:

  • Most standard probes are equipped with TQC’s easy-clean Teflon outer shield
  • Magnetic Surface Probe – sensor is thermally isolated from the magnet to avoid influence on temperature of part. Suitable for round parts such as tubes
  • Clamp-style Surface Probe – silver-tipped sensor os thermally isolated from the clamp by ceramics. Suitable for any type of material
  • Ring-type surface Probe – universal probe with aluminum right at tip for fast response.
  • Air Probes – with either clamp or magnet
  • Wire-type Probe – universal probe for surface or air temperature measurement. Open thermocouple can be attached by adhesive tape or other mechanical means
  • Infra-Red Probes – designed to profile the IR-radiance inside an oven. NB: actual part temperature may not be the same as that of the IR-probe
  • Low Temperature Probe – a set of 6 exposed-junction wire probes with attachment pads
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