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SSPC VIS 1 - Guide and Reference Photographs for Steel Surfaced Prepared by Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning

SSPC VIS 1 Visual Standards for dry abrasive blast, revision Feb 2012, has over 50 full-colour photos of previously-coated and uncoated rusted steel before and after dry abrasive blast. Also includes a selection of white metal, near white, commercial and brush-off finishes. Appendix shows variations in white metal surfaces caused by different metallic and non-metalic abrasives, as well as by profile depth, angle of view, and lighting.

SSPC Surface Preparation Standards for blast cleanliness include:

  • SP5    -  White metal finish
  • SP10  -  near white finish
  • SP6    -  commercial finish
  • SP14  -  industrial finish
  • SP7    -  brush-off finish
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