Chlor*Test W Chloride Ion Test Kit for Water & Liquids

Like all Chlor*Test Kits, the ChlorTest W Chloride Ion Test Kit for Water is a self-contained and ready-to-use salt test kit containing everything needed for simple and accurate measurement of chlorides in blast water or other liquids. Suitable for both field and laboratory use, single-use test components eliminate cross-contamination from test to test. ChlorTest W gives accurate results in parts per million, with no temperature correction required between 41°F to 176° (C).

Available in 5-test packs, or in bulk packs of 50 tests, ChlorTest W Kits contain everything needed to simply and accurately measure chlorides dissolved in water used for pressure washing, water jetting, or wet abrasive blasting, right at the job-site, in a matter of minutes.

Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, bio-degradable, and environmentally safe.

Other Chlor*Test Kits include:

Chlor*Test Kit   - measuring soluble saltson surfaces

Chlor*Test A - measuring soluble salts in abrasive blast media

Chlor*Test C - measure chlorides in concrete

Chlor*Test CSN - measure soluble chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts on surfaces

New! e-Chlor*Test - electronic measurement of surface chloride contamination

All Chlor*Test kits are available in bulk packs of 40 or 50 tests per pack


When salt testing reveals excess chloride levels, use Chlor*Rid liquids to remove surface salts: Chlor*Rid Liquid Salt Remover is available as concentrate or Chlor*Rid DTS (Direct-to-surface) ready-to-use salt remover. Chlor*Wash Solution removes chloride, sulphate, and nitrate salts, and other contamination including road films and dirt. Prevent flash rust for up to a several days with Chlor*Rid brand Hold-Blast surface passivator. Chlor*Rid products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and bio-degradable, making them safe for the user and the environment to detect and eliminate salt contamination that can cause degradation of the structure and early coating failure.


Click to download pdf data sheet for ChlorTest W kit:

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