Flexible Magnetic PosiPatch Ring

The innovative PosiPatch attaches to steel surfaces using an unique magnetic ring. Like the Standard Magnetic Ring, Flexible Magnetic Ring leaves no messy adheisve residue to clean. Intended for pipes and other tight diameters, it allows the PosiPatch to form a tight, leak-free seal on minimum inside diameters of 12 cm / 4.5 inches, and outside diameters greater than 10 cm (4 inches). The Flexible Magnetic Ring has been redesigned with concealed magnets for greater durability and longer life.

The Standard Magnetic Ring is ideal for flat surfaces, and for curved surfaces with diameters greater than 100 cm / 40 inches.

PosiPatch Starter Packs are available with either the Standard Magnetic Ring or the Flexible Magnetic Ring.

To order,ask for

STTRINGF, Flexible Magnetic Ring.


PosiPatch Internal and External Diameter

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