LeadCheck Kit

LeadCheck on Circuit BoardIndividual LeadCheck Swabs are complete, self-contained tests to instantly detect lead on any surface. Based on the reactivity of lead with certain compounds, LeadCheck Swabs develop a pink to red colour if lead is present. Able to detect lead down to 1 microgram on surfaces, or 0.5% lead in paint, LeadCheck is now recognized by the EPA for testing for lead on drywall and plaster, as well as wood or ferrous metals.

Use LeadCheck Swabs to detect lead on the following:

  • paint of any colour on any surface.
  • paint on steel structures
  • wood, drywall, and plaster
  • waste material
  • solder and plumbing fixtures
  • sand blasting media
  • clearance screening at 40 micrograms/sq.ft.
  • screening for OSHA PEL (50 micrograms/cubic metre/8hrs - test cassettes from personal air pumps for air-borne lead dust exposure)


LeadCheck is a qualitative test mechanism that gives a visual indicator of the amount of lead present, but does not give quantitative analysis. Because LeadCheck Swabs do not expire, each swab is good as long as neither ampoule has been broken, and the swab tip has not been in contact with a possibly-contaminated surface.

LeadCheck is available in 8-swab packs

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