Reusable DeFelsko PosiPatch

Re-usable DeFelsko PosiPatch

The innovative PosiPatch uses a magnetic ring to hold it against the surface, so no adhesive is required. This means that the PosiPatch isn’t destroyed when removed from the surface, unlike conventional patches. After rinsing with de-ionized water, the PosiPatch can be used again.

The PosiPatch can be reused multiple times until water begins to leak through the air-permeable membrane or the seal against the substrate.

In our tests on freshly blasted steel with a typical 50-100 micron (2-4 mil) profile, PosiPatches were reused dozens of times with no noticeable wear or leakage. Patch life will vary depending on use- if dragged along the substrate, lifespan will be reduced.

DeFelsko believes that 10 uses is a very conservative estimate of lifespan and still yields the lowest per-test cost of any commercially available Bresle Method Patch.


SST PosiPatch & Standard Ring                                                                              SST PosiPatch Kit

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