Sticky Rollers

New Sticky Rollers eliminate the need to make duct-tape rollers to remove built-up dust and particulate from tank floors in preparation for application of internal linings, from surfaces prepared for coatings application, or to remove debris from shop floors or other work surfaces for clean facilities. 12” Sticky Rollers, with 90 tear-away sheets, fit on a standard paint roller cages; no special equipment is required.



Time spent wrapping a duct-tape sticky roller is time lost from surface preparation and coatings application. Sticky Rollers are ready-to-use with an uniform roller face to lift and remove both small and larger particles from a variety of surfaces. Sticky Roller employs a high-tack, water-based adhesive containing no solvents, and leaves behind no residue, making it safe for both the user and the surface being cleaned.

Sticky Rollers are ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces including blasted steel, floors, lab counters and tables, and clean rooms. Suggested to help achieve compliance with ISO 8502.3 Dust Tape Test.


Sticky Rollers are available in packs of 4 rollers, with 90 sheets per roller, exclusively from Stone Tucker Instruments. They fit the standard 12” paint rollers; no special handle required.

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