TQC Amine Blush Test Kit

The TQC Amine Blush Test Kit provides a simple, two-step process for determining the development of amine blush on coated surfaces, which the contractor can then wash away with clean water, avoiding the coatings failures associated with amine blush build-up between paint layers.

TQC Amine Blush Test is a quick procedure: simply spray the Amine Blush test solution on the coating surface to be tested. Watch for colour change of the solution on the surface; if unsure of the test results, a visual comparison chart is provided. While other factors may cause a positive test result, amine blush most commonly forms on surfaces when coatings have been applied and cured in cool and humid circumstances, and is easily removed with a clean water wash.

Kit contains materials for up to 100 tests.

** No standard currently exists for testing for amine blush on coated surfaces. However, a reasonable guideline for testing for surface contaminants prior to coating could be 3 – 5 tests per 100 sq. ft. up to 500 sq. ft., and 5 tests per 1000 sq. ft. above 500 square feet.**


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