TQC Dust Tape Test Kit

A direct correlation exists between surface cleanliness and coatings adhesion.The TQC SP3200 Dust Tape Test Kit is designed to be used in the field to measure the level of cleanliness against ISO Standard ISO 8502-3 for "Assessment of Dust on Steel Surfaces Prepared for Painting - Pressure-Sensitive Tape Method". A sturdy binder contains all equipment needed for the evaluation of dust build-up on the surface prior to coating.

All the information required by ISO 8502-3 is covered on the TQC Dust Test report forms featuring check-boxes and pre-defined sections, including space for 5 different test results. The display board shows both levels of dust contamination and features a size-comparator for light and dark particles.

Features of the TQC Dust Tape Test Kit:

  • sturdy binder that holds all forms plus visual comparator, tape, scissors, and illuminated magnifier
  • standardized report forms including all information required by ISO 8502-3
  • illuminated magnifier has glas optics for a clearer view
  • display board of levels of dust accumulation and size comparator for light and dark particles
  • black & white contrast files
  • scratch-resistent, transparent plastic Sample Transfer sheet
  • pictorial instruction manual
  • follows ISO 8502-3

TQC Dust Tape Test Kit supplied with:

  • 10X illuminated magnifier
  • adhesive tape to specification BS EN ISO 8502-3
  • scissors
  • Sample Transfer sheet
  • comparator display board
  • 25 standardized report forms
  • pictorial manual


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