Surface Contamination Testing - Surface Cleanliness

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ChlorRid ChlorTest Kit - test for chloride ions on surfaces, in water, abrasives, or concrete; bulk packs available

PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester - test for soluble salts on surfaces or in abrasives according to ISO 8502-6; can be used with any Bresle-type patches

TQC Bresle Salt Test Kits - test for soluble salts on surfaces according to ISO 8502-6 and 8502-9

TQC Amine Blush Test Kit - identify amine blush on coated surfaces in multi-layer coating systems

LeadCheck Kits - simple test for lead contamination on surfaces

TQC Dust Tape Test - assess dust on surfaces prior to coating or re-coat

Spectroline Ultra-Violet Light - identify the presence of oil, grease, or other hydro-carbons on surfaces prior to paint application

Sticky Roller - remove dust and debris from surfaces prior to coatings / linings application

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