TruQC Quality Control Application

TruQC brings paperless Quality Control monitoring to the industrial coating and painting industry. A Cloud-Based application featuring standardized report forms, association of all employees and documents to each job, TruQC communicates with DeFelsko  PosiTector  Coatings Inspection Equipment via WIFI or Bluetooth. All employees have finger-tip access via iPad to all relevant reports and documents related to job.

Features of TruQC Quality Control Application:

TruQC provides objective management and monitoring of industrial painting jobs through secure cloud-based storage of uploaded instrument readings, reports, and job-related documents. Readings are downloaded directly from PosiTector gauges into standardized report forms which cannot be altered or deleted once they are entered. Every report is date/time/GPS stamped and can be photo and signature stamped, virtually eliminating the opportunity to manipulate data or reports. Real-time synchronization of data means the job administrator(s) have instant access to job information anytime, anywhere a wireless connection is available.

  Secure cloud storage of uploaded data with certified and audited provider, RackSpace. Data is backed up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly. Encrypted data-sync via WIFI, LTE, 3G, or 4G. The job Administrator has remote management of employee access to job data. Only permitted employees have access to each form. Job Administrator can de-activate or terminate employees, completely locking them out of the job. Once readings are uploaded into forms, they cannot be changed or deleted, making reports tamper-proof.

  Time-efficient and easy to use, with multiple-selection, numeric keypads, and scrolling item pickers for standard information. Static job information auto-completes on every form and is non-editable. Permitted employees have instant access to documents and reports associated with each job, including spec sheets, MSDS, user manuals, standards and contract specifications

  Versatile - approved forms can be emailed, printed, sent to Drop-Box or Box, or displayed on TruQC. Permissions can be set to allow owner or general contractor to receive automatic email notification when forms are submitted. Sign-offs on hold-points and change orders can be done immediately, saving time and money. Employees are able to annotate blueprints, photos, or any other pdf document, and slide shows, photos, or documents can be attached to any report. Large documents can be searched by key words or terms.

  TruQC ensures reliable reporting: the application conforms to SSPC QP and QS standards, NACE, OSHA, NOSH, and others. Scope of work documents, such as product or work specifications, can be kept up-to-date throughout the job, and an “out-of-spec” alert option can be set to alert management to job areas requiring attention. Because uploaded data cannot be changed, report details can be trusted to accurately reflect job and workpiece conditions.

TruQC offers 7 Reports:

Daily Inspection Report:


Foreman’s Report:

Expense Report:

General Safety/Tool Box Talk:

Weekly Environmental Report:

Safety Incident Report:

Take 5 & Safety Inspection Report:


Reports are held as Drafts until approved. Reports can be personalized by TruQC with your own company logo.

TruQC also includes five Administrative Functions:

Settings: log on/off, change passwords, user guide, sync data, create digital QC signature

Administrative Controls: set up or remove employees, assign employee user type, control who has access to what reports/documents (permissions); set up job details, assign static job information, identify workers for the job, specify what reports to use

Document Library: keeps all job-related reports and documents in one place. View and search all uploaded documents, associate documents to reports, annotate associated documents.

File Cabinet: all relevant information is filed by job number, report type, week-ending date, employee, report status, reports waiting approval, and draft reports waiting submission.

Drafts: draft reports are stored by date

Reports: add, edit, submit, approve / reject submitted reports

View a sample form: Daily Inspection Report Form


* TruQC can be customized to suit individual company requirements. Please contact Stone Tucker Instruments to discuss pricing for customized platform options.

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