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Spectroline EK-3000 Eagle Eye UV-A/White Light LED

SPECTROLINE EK-3000 EAGLE EYE ULTRA VIOLET LED HELMET LIGHT - New from Spectronics. Two ultra-high-intensity UV-A LED’s permit hands-free pre-paint inspection of structures for organic compounds such as oil, which glow under black light and can cause coating failure. The EK-3000  UV Light is also ideal for magnetic particle or liquid penetrant inspection of corrosion and discontinuities in steel structures. The integrated three-LED white light assembly allows for regular illumination in dark areas.Ek3000 Eagle Eye UV Helmet Light

The Eagle Eye lamp mounts by adjustable strap on the head or hard-hat, or using the lamp mount/sprayer attachment, can be affixed to the fluorescent media spray canister to allow one-handed dye penetrant or magnetic particle inspection. A built-in fan prevents excess heating, allowing the lamp to maintain optimum UV-A intensity during long use.


  • Compact, lightweight lamp uses two 365nm UV-A LED’s for inspection, and has a 3-LED white light for general illumination
  • Adjustable head-strap for hands-free use
  • Lamp mount/sprayer attachment for one-handed MPI / LPI inspection.
  • Built-in fan cools lamp to maintain UV-A intensity during extended use
  • Splash guard with integral particulate filter protects UV
  • Lenses and cooling fan from damage
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery cell provides for 75 minutes of continuous service between charges
  • 30,000 hour LED service life
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion cell, allowing 75 minutes of continuous use between charges
  • Nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of 4,500 μW/cm2 at 15 inches (38 cm)
  • EZ-3000 meets ASTM UV-A intensity specifications for FPI and MPI


EK3000 EagleEye UV Lamp KitThe EK-3000 EagleEye™ Kit comes with an adjustable head strap, lamp-mount/sprayer attachment, lanyard, two replacement splash guards with integral particulate filters, three spare batteries, battery charging cradle with AC and DC cord sets, UV-absorbing spectacles and soft carrying case.

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