Spectroline Optimax 365 Ultra-Violet LED Flashlight

The Optimax 365 Ultra-Violet LED Flashlight: small and light-weight, Optimax-365-surface-metal-defectthe cordless Optimax 365 UV Flashlight is a high-intensity UV inspection light suitable for detecting oil or other organic contaminants on surfaces prior to coatings application, and for use in Non-destructive test methods Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Inspection. The Optimax 365 works with all systems and dyes, including those difficult to fluoresce, such as yellow dyes.

Optimax-uv-light-leak-detectionOther applications for which the Optimax 365 is suited include fluorescent leak detection, UV-A curing, UV-A dosing, and other evaluative functions.

Up to 50,000  µW/cm³ true UV-A light comes from a long-life LED bulb (30,000 hours) which emits very low visible light (2 foot-candles / 20 lux). Spectroline's Electronic Intensity Stabilizer ensures that beam strength will not fade between charges.

Optimax 365 hand-held UV Flashlight has a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum lamp body for durability. Instant-on means the lamp is ready-to-use at full power immediately with a push of the button. Rechargeable NiMH battery provides 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges; AC and DC chargers are included. Battery strength and light charge status indicators warn the inspector when operation time is near ending.

Features of the Optimax 365 at a glance:

  • Ultra-high intensity true UV-A up to 50,000 µW/cm²
  • Instant-on - lamp immediately reaches full power; no warm up-time required
  • Portable
  • Cordless
  • Rugged manufacture - suitable for use in field, shop, or lab
  • Anodized aluminum lamp body minimizes corrosion
  • Rechargable NiMH better
  • 90 minutes of continuous inspection between charges
  • AC and DC charges included
  • Long-life LED bulb - 30,000 hours
  • Electronic Intensity Stablizer ensures beam strength will not fade between charges
  • Meets MIL and ASTM specs for FPI and MPI


Optimax 365 KitOptimax 365 UV Flashlight comes complete with AC & DC chargers, UV-absorbing spectacles, belt holster, and padded carrying case. Charger is available in 120 V, 230V, 240V, or 100V.

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