Spectroline uVision 365 ES Ultraviolet Lamp

Spectroline's uVision 365 ES is a standard-intensity, hand-held Ultraviolet inspection light featuring in-line AC power supply for convenient on-site use. uVision 365 ES features 3 UV-A LEDs (365 nm) with a nominal steady-state UV-A intensity of up to 5000 µW/cm² at 15 inches (38 cm) as well as a white LED to use as a spot for lighting the work space. The rugged uVision 365 ES is dust and water-resistant to IP65 rating. uVision 365 is mechanically cooled using a state-of-the-art heat sink, so it doesn't require a cooling fan. It meets EN ISO 3059 specifications.*

*EN ISO 3059 - Non-Destructive Testing - Penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing

Compact and cost-effective, the uVision 365-ES is suitable for use in non-destructive evaluation (NDE testing) including magnetic particle or fluorescent dye testing, inspection for organic contamination of surfaces including checking for oil residue prior to coatings application, leak detection, forensics, and security inspections.


  • hand-held, light-weight
  • 3 UV-A LED's
  • 1 white LED spot
  • < 5000 µm / cm² steady-state UV-A intensity at 15"
  • UV-A coverage area of 6" diameter (15 mc) at 15" distance, at minimum 1200 µm / cm²
  • Broad-beam design is ideal for inspecting large areas
  • Visible light measurement of 2 foot-candles (22 lux)
  • Standard Borofloat Filter Protector (faceplate)
  • Standard 8-foot in-line AC power supply; optional 20' power supply available upon special order
  • Manufacturer-supplied validation report, Certificate of Conformance, and Certificate of Light Output with each lamp

Spectronic's Ultraviolet lamps are trusted industry-wide for durability, consistent, reliable UV light output, and excellent performance.


Spectroline uVision 365 ES is supplied with:


uVision 365 lamp with in-line AC power supply

UV-absorbing spectacles

Protective case

Conformance documents

Operator's manual


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