Temper II Cross Hatch Template

Gardco's multi-functional TEMPER II CROSS HATCH TEMPLATE has all the standard cross-cut spacings - 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 mm - on one stainless-steel template for Paint Adhesion Testing. The short ends of the Temper 2 Template feature wet film paint thickness measurement from 1 to 30 mils. The top edge of the template is notched similarly to a Levelling Test blade, while the bottom edge is wedged from 0 - 20 mils to permit Hiding Power Measurement.

Temper II Cross Cut Template can be purchased in a vinyl slip case with instructions and cutting tool, or in a full Cross Hatch Kit including the Temper II Cross HatchTemplate, a cutting tool, roll of tape, illuminated magnifier, brush, and a copy of the ASTM D 3359 specification by way of instructions, in a foam-fitted, hard plastic carrying case.

*Replacement adhesion tape is available for separate purchase.

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