TQC BD2000 Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Test Kit

The TQC Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Test tests cured coatings on metal test panels for adhesion, elongation (stretchability), and elasticity (pliability). A coated metal test panel of prescribed size is bent around successively smaller cylindrical mandrels. As the metal test piece is bent, both panel and coating stretch through the area of the curvature. The coating is observed for cracking, lifting away from the test panel, or other damages due to the stress caused by the bending. The TQC Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Test complies with ISO 1519 - Paints and Varnishes - Bend Test (cylindrical mandrel). Reference should also be made to other relevant standards to determine specific testing details:

ISO 1514:2004 Paints and varnishes -- Standard panels for testing
ISO 2808:2007 Paints and varnishes -- Determination of film thickness
ISO 3270:1984 Paints and varnishes and their raw materials -- Temperatures and humidities for conditioning and testing


The TQC Cylindrical Mandrel Bender is made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel, and features an ergonomic, easy-release clamp for the bend test panels, and a comfortably-large knob on the bending arm for easy and smooth bending. The Cylindrical Mandrel Bend Test Set is supplied with 14 mandrels ranging from 2 to 32 millimetres in diameter supplied in an attractive desk-top mandrel holder, which can also be mounted on the wall for greater convenience. The TQC BD2000 Mandrel Bend Tester will bend test panels up to 150 x 100 mm (5 x 6 inches).

The TQC Cylindrical Bend Test meets the specifications for Qualicoat, GSB, and QIB, and is a mandatory test for powder coating companies with a Qualicoat, GSB or QIB accreditation.

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