TQC CC3000 Adjustable Cross Cut Paint Adhesion Tester

Adhesion of coatings to their substrates and prior coating layers is a key component of a quality paint application. The TQC CC3000 Cross Cut Adhesion Tester is used to test the adhesion of dry coats of paint to their substrate or to prior layers of coating. Two series of parallel cuts are made cross-angled to each other, creating a cut pattern of 25 or 100 similar squares. After brushing with a stiff brush, or for hard surfaces, pulling the cut area with specified adhesion tape, the cut section of coating is evaluated by visual comparison to a coating adhesion classification chart to determine the quality of adherence of the paint to the surface.

The CC3000 features a wheel-mounted blade-holder that holds the cutting edge at an uniform distance from the coating to ensure reliable, reproducible results. The wheels provide adjustable blade depth to better accommodate soft surfaces.


The TQC CC3000 Adjustable Cross-Cut Paint Adhesion Tester features a single blade set in a cutting head fitted with two wheels that permit adjustment of the cutting depth.  The cutting head attaches to a padded, ergonomically-designed handle. Knife blades are available with 6 or 11 teeth spaced at 1, 2, 3, or 1.5 mm spacing, to accommodate both ISO and ASTM standards for a range of paint thicknesses. The TQC CC3000 Cross-Hatch Cutter is suitable for dry film thickness of up to 250 µm on soft substrates, 125 µm on hard substrates. [1]



Features of the TQC CC3000 Cross-Cut Adhesion Tester:

  • The blade holder is kept at a set distance from the surface with the aid of two wheels (ball bearings). Reproducible test results guaranteed.
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Easy-to-change cutting knife
  • Wide range of knife sizes available for different coating thicknesses and substrates, and testing to different standards.


CC3000 Cross-Hatch Cutter Kit includes a soft-grip, ergonomic cutter handle, TQC CC3000 cutting blade with customer's choice of tooth spacing, 2.5X illuminated magnifier, nylon bristle brush, one roll of adhesion tape (ISO or ASTM standard), and one allen key to allow changing of cutting head.


Cutters and blades can be purchased separately.


Available TQC CC3000 Adjustable Cross-Cut Adhesion Testers:

Cross-Cut Adhesion Tester with 6-toothed cutter:

SP1680 TQC adjustable adhesion tester CC3000, incl. blade 1mm.
SP1681 TQC adjustable adhesion tester CC3000, incl. blade 2mm.
SP1682 TQC adjustable adhesion tester CC3000, incl. blade 3mm.

Cross-Cut Adhesion Tester with 11-toothed cutter:

SP1683       TQC adjustable adhesion tester CC3000, incl. blade 1mm
SP1684       TQC adjustable adhesion tester CC3000, incl. blade 1.5 mm.



The following is provided as a reference for proper knife selection:

ISO 2409 - Paints and Varnishes -- Cross-cut Test -

specifies:         1 mm. spacing for coatings up to 60 µm on hard substrates
                      2 mm. spacing for coatings up to 60 µm on soft substrates
                      2 mm. spacing for coatings from 61 to 120 µm on both hard and soft substrates
                      3 mm. spacing for coatings from 121 µm to 250 µm on both hard / soft substrates

ASTM D3359 - Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test - Method B -

specifies:         1 mm. spacing x 11 cuts for coatings < 50 µm (2.0 mils)
                      2 mm. spacing x 6 cuts for coatings from 50 to 125 µm (2.0 - 5 mils)
                      *For coatings thicker than 5 mils (125 µm) Test Method A is recommended.


Click to download: Cross-Cut Test Comparison Chart


[1] ASTM D3359 states “Test Method B is not considered suitable for films thicker than 5 mils (125 µm), but Note 1 states “subject to agreement between the purchaser and seller, Test Method B can be used for thicker films if wider spaced cuts are employed.”

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