Stone Tucker instruments offers expert Recertification and Repair on the full range of coatings inspection, NDE, and quality assurance equipment we handle. In-house service is performed following accepted industry procedures in accordance with manufacturers' specifications, using certified reference standards traceable to NIST or other applicable national or international standards. Our calibration services meet internal quality standards consistent with accepted industry standards for any product we handle.




Certification and Repair Services are available on the following equipment:


  • air temperature meters and data-loggers
  • humidity sensors and data-loggers
  • dewpoint meters and data-loggers
  • infrared thermometers - any brand
  • magnetic surface thermometers
  • K-type thermocouple surface and liquid temperature probes
  • other surface temperature or liquid temperature probes / thermometers
  • glass thermometer / sling psychrometers
  • digital and magnetic pull-off coating thickness gauges - any brand or range
  • dial micrometers - Testex gauges
  • ultrasonic thickness meters (including PosiTector UTG C and M; Dakota Ultrasonics)
  • durometers
  • Barcol hardness tester
  • high and low-voltage porosity detectors (all models including PCWI, Tinker & Rasor, SPY, DS Stearn, Buckley)
  • DC and pulsed crest meters
  • jeep meters (peak reading volt meters)
  • coating adhesion testers
  • conductivity meters, including the PosiTector SST probe, and the Oakton ECTestr11+
  • surface profile gauges, including the PosiTector RTR and SPG probes
  • Lamotte colourimeter - sulphate meter (ChlorTest CSN kit meter)
  • clamp meters
  • multimeters
  • voltmeters
  • amp meters

Other equipment:

  • torque wrenches
  • scales
  • micrometers
  • calipers
  • squares
  • rulers, measuring tapes
  • hardness testers
  • gloss meters
  • hygrometers - all types
  • salt test meters
  • viscosity cups
  • roughness tester
  • moisture meter
  • personal gas monitors (BW GasAlert brand and others)
  • tachometers
  • vibration meters
  • thickness blocks - various types
  • light meter
  • UT calibration step blocks
  • depth gauge
  • blast nozzle orifice gauge

Call Stone Tucker Instruments today for all of your instrument calibration and repair needs. In eastern Canada, please call our Ontario office at 905 688-5800. Our western clients can reach us in the Edmonton office at 587 758 8367.




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