DeFelsko Plastic Calibration Shims

Plastic Shims or Foils, simulate a coating over a substrate, making it possible to verify the accuracy of the gauge being used to take coatig thickness measurements. Calibration foils are available as sets of uncertified working shims, or individually or in sets of certified shims. Certified Plastic Calibration Shims are an economical alternative to Coated Metal Plates, but offer a reduced accuracy. Plastic Shims are suitable for use with Type 2 Coating Thickness Gauges (electronic gauges), but Type 1 gauges, using magnetic pull-off to determine coating thickness, require verification with Coated Metal Plates.



Working Shims are ideal for day-to-day, on-site verification that your electronic coathing thickness gauge is measuring within the manufacturer's tolerance for that instrument. A working shim can also be used to protect the probe tip from damage or premature wear by placing the shim over rough, abrasive surfaces and calculating or zeroing out the shim value from the thickness measurement. Working Shims can be place on soft or tacky coatings to prevent the gauge probe from making impressions or deformities in the coating film while taking thickness measurements. DeFelsko's Working Shims come in a package of 5 coloured films, with nominal thicknesses of:


   25 µm / 1 MIL   Orange   +  20%
   50 µm/ 2 mil   Red   + 10%
  125 µm/ 5 mil   Blue   + 5%
  250 µm/ 10 mil   Brown   + 5%
  500 µm/ 20 mil   Yellow   +5%


Certified Plastic Shims are available in a variety of nominal thicknesses as shown below, and can be purchased individually, packaged in a protective plastic pouch, or in a set of 8 shims in a hard folder to preserve and protect the calibration foils. DeFelsko Plastic Calibration Shims are labelled in both mils and microns.  Each shim or shim set is supplied with a Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST.



Thickness Values - Certified Plastic Coating Thickness Shims
Order Code Approx. Thickness Colour Accuracy
  CS1      25 µm/ 1 MIL   Orange   + 2 µm / + .08 mil
  CS2      50 µm/ 2 mil   Red
  CS3      75 µm / 3 mil   Green
  CS5     125 µm/ 5 mil   Blue
  CS10     250 µm/ 10 mil   Brown
  CS20     500 µm / 20 mil   Yellow
  CS40   1000 µm / 40 mil   White
  CS60   1500 µm / 60 mil   Black


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