Stone Tucker Instruments Brand Coating Thickness Standards

Stone Tucker Instruments' Brand Certified Coating Thickness Standards are supplied as sets of three (3) coated metal plates plus one zero plate, in a rigid protective folder. Both electronic and mechanical coating thickness gauges, including the PosiTest and MikroTest (banana gauge), and PosiPen, can be verified for measuring accuracy using Certified Plates. Mechanical gauges should only be verified using certified plate standards; certified plastic shims are not suitable for pull-off magnetic thickness gauges.

Certified Coating Thickness Standards are available in ferrous or non-ferrous sets, to verify accuracy of all styles of coating thickness gauges. STI Standards include one uncoated zero plate of aluminium or steel, plus epoxy-coated plates of 3, 10, and 60 mils thickness. For other combinations of coating thicknesses, please inquire about customs sets.

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