ZHC 1200 HELMENŽ- Chalking tester

Chalking refers to the appearance of a fine powder on the surface of a coating as a result of the break-down of one or more constituent of the coating. (EN DIN ISO 4628) The ZHC 1200 HELMEN® Chalking Tester by Zehntner GmbH is a reliable, easy-to-use meter for quantitative measurement of the degree of chalking. The Helmen® Chalking Tester features a touch-screen with LCD display for immediate reading of test results.

The ZHC Chalking Tester offers superior sensitivity to evaluate even initial chalking stages, and increased accuracy with regard to coloured pigments, compared to visual evaluation methods.zhc-helmen-chalking-test-sample

A clean, transparent adhesive strip is carefully rubbed onto the surface to be assessed, then placed on a specimen holder into the Chalking Tester, which renders a value in percent of chalking, as well direct measurement of the light-transmitting properties (luminous transmittance) of samples.

Because the ZHC Helmen® Chalking Tester operates on the principle of nephelometry [1], results are not based on subjective visual assessment of the sample, making evaluation impartial and reproducible.


  • Easy to handle
  • Reliable and objective measuring results
  • Reproducible results independent of the individual user
  • For determination of the degree of chalking of coloured and achromatic coatings
  • Cost-effective measurement of the light-transmitting properties
  • Portable instrument; the test can be carried out in the laboratory, at the exposure station, or directly on the object on-site.


helmen-chalking-tester-kitThe ZHC Helmen® Chalking Tester comes with: one Chalking Tester meter, 1 specimen holder, 2 rolls special adhesive tape with 1 dispenser, 2 plastic spatulas, 2 AA batteries, 1 carrying case, 1 manufacturer's certificate

Optional Accessories:

ACC103 battery charger for 4 accumulator cells type AA, internationally applicable incl. 4 NiMh 2400 mAh cells

Please click for pdf data sheet: ZHC Chalking Tester Data Sheet

[1] Nephelometry is a process to detect particles suspended in liquid or gas samples by measuring the behaviour of light passed through the sample.


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