Digital Road Marking Gauge

ZMM 5000 Digital Road Marking Gauge will measure dry film thickness of all types of road markings with or without drop-on materials or reflective beads. Available in either metric-only or metric/imperial switchable units, ZMM 5000 Road Marking Gauge can be used to directly measure lines on the road, or samples in the lab.

ZMM 5000 provides rapid measurements relative to either the substrate or the road marking itself. The large, easy-to-read digital display provides readings to a resolution of .4 mils on the units-switchable model, or to 10 µm in metric mode. The ZMM 5000 uses solar-cell power, so it's always ready to use. Sturdy construction and ergonomic design of the Swiss-made ZMM 5000 Digital Road Marking Gauge make it suitable for use by traffic authorities, road laboratories, and road marking contractors and manufacturers.


Simply place feet of the ZMM 5000 either onto the road surface next to the marking, or on the marking itself, with the measuring arm extended forward. Press the measuring arm downward until it contacts the marking, if the gauge is on the road surface, or on the substrate, if the gauge is resting on the marking; the marking thickness reading is displayed on the screen.


An optional measuring bridge is available to bridge wide road markings, to enable measurements across the whole width.






Features of the ZMM 5000 Digital Road Marking Gauge:

  • precision gauge for rapid measurement of dry film thickness of road markings and similar coatings
  • solar-cell powered; no on/off needed
  • digital display gives reading within seconds
  • easy to handle
  • measures relative to either the substrate or to the marking
  • measuring range of -12.5 to +12.5 mm; -.5 to +.5 in. optional
  • resolution: 10 um / .4 mils
  • minimum area 50 mm x 80 mm / 2" x 3.2"
  • conformable to EN 13197 European Standard for Road Marking Materials
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty; 1 year on digimatic indicator

Available as ZMM metric units only, or ZMM 5000.inch with switchable mm/inch units.

Either model supplied with: ZMM 5000 Digital Road Marking Gauge and gauge case, with manufacturer's certificate.

Optional Accessories:

  • ACC1092   adjustable measuring bridge
  • ACC033     statistics printer & connection cable
  • ACC181     PC connection set (1 cable IDS/IDC/IDU, 1 Mitutoyo DMX interface)
  • ACC590        traceable calibration and certificate

Road Marking Control Kits are also available, including wet and dry film thickness gauges, insertion thermometer, hygrometer, electronic balance, magnifying glass, manufacturer's certificate and carrying case. Options and details available upon request.


Please click here to view demonstration video

or here for product data sheet: ZMM 5000

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