Fireproofing Thickness Gauge

Fireproofing Depth Gauges are used to measure the thickness of sprayed-on fireproofing or intumescent coatings. Made of molded plastic with a steel penetration point, the Fireproofing Thickness Gage measures fireproofing materials up to 6 inches thick, or 150 millimeters (15 cm).

Intumescent paint and coatings form part of the passive fire resistence programme in buildings of all types. Intumescent coatings may be applied to steel or wooden building structures to protect against damage that compromises structural integrity. Generally speaking, fire-retardant intumescent coatings are applied in thicknesses from 100 mils up to 2.5 inches. This straight-forward Depth Gauge allows the contractor to ensure adequate thickness of fireproofing paints or coatings up to 15 centimetres or 6 inches in depth. Simply slide the measuring bar down to insert the steel penetration point through the coating until it touches the substrate, and read the measurement on the scale.


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