OG 204 Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge (plastic)

The OG 204 Tooke Gauge is used to measure directly the thickness of each layer of coating, as well as total coating thickness. A V-shaped groove is made through the paint film and into the substrate. Coating and substrate are observed through a 50-power illuminated magnifier fitted with a measuring scale.

The Micro-Metrics OG 204 Tooke Gauge features an injection-molded, high-impact polycarbonate plastic body, suitable for most applications where the gauge will not be exposed to corrosive materials. (in potentially corrosive environments, the OG 202 aluminum-bodied Tooke Gauge is recommended: Precision tungsten-carbide cutting tips are side-mounted with balancing legs to ensure precise alignment of the paint inspection gauge to the surface being examined.

Micro-Metrics Tooke Gauges now come with an universal metric / imperial microscope. The measuring range is 0.2 up to 100 mils, dependant upon the cutting tip used. with a resolution of .05 mil.

The Tooke Paint Inspection Gauge comes in a carrying case, with spare batteries and bulb, marking pen, hex wrench, and technical data sheet. Standard cutting tips are 1X, 2X, and 10X.  An optional 5X tip is available.

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