PosiTector 6000 FNDS Probe

The PosiTector 6000 FNDS probe measures the individual thicknesses of both the paint and the zinc layers in a duplex coating system with a single reading.

Duplex coating systems use a combination of two corrosion protection systems – typically paint or powder coating over galvanized steel (hot-dip, electro or zinc spray metallizing). The resultant corrosion protection is superior to either protection system used independently.

In Duplex mode, the PosiTector 6000 FNDS utilizes both magnetic (ferrous) and eddy current (non-ferrous) principles simultaneously to calculate and display the individual paint and zinc layer thicknesses. The magnetic principle is used to measure the combined paint/zinc thickness over the ferrous substrate, and the eddy current principle is used to measure the paint thickness over the non-ferrous zinc coating. The zinc thickness is calculated by subtracting the paint thickness from the combined paint/zinc thickness measurement.

When disabled, the gage will operate like a conventional combination ferrous/non-ferrous instrument (similar to PosiTector 6000 FNS probe). Ideal for measuring non-magnetic coatings over steel and non-conductive coatings over non-ferrous metal substrates.

Compatible with all PosiTector Advanced and PosiTector Standard gage bodies with a color display. A Simple gage update may be required.

PosiTector 6000 FNDS Probe Features

  • Measures and displays the individual layer thicknesses of zinc and paint in a duplex coating system with a single reading
  • Ideal for measuring the three types of zinc used in duplex coating systems - hot-dip, electro and zinc spray metallizing (thermal spray zinc)
  • When taken out of duplex mode, the instrument can be used as a conventional ferrous/non-ferrous gage to measure the thickness of coatings on ferrous or non-ferrous metal substrates
  • Scan mode - Take continuous readings without lifting the probe (Advanced models only)
  • Compatible with all PosiTector Advanced and PosiTector Standard gage bodies with a color display. Simple gage update required. *Not presently compatible with the PosiTector SmartLink.

PosiTector FNDS Specifications:PosiTector FNDS Specifications


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PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gage

PosiTector SmartLink

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