PosiTector 6000 Scan Modes

The New PosiTector 6000 Advanced body features three SCAN Modes:

In normal operation, PosiTector 6000 probes with serial numbers greater than 305,600, will take over 60 readings per minute. FAST Mode increases reading speed to over 90 readings per minute. Using one of PosiTector 6000's three SCAN Modes, reading speed increases to over 180 r.p.m. with the probe held to the surface, to allow the coatings inspector to take multiple successive coating thickness readings without lifting the probe.

Normal Scan Mode takes continuous readings without lifting the probe and can be used in conjunction with other modes like PA2, HiLo, and others. NB: only Normal Scan Mode can be used in combination with PA 2 Mode on the PosiTector Advanced gauges.

NEW Statistics Scan Mode takes continuous readings and records the average, standard deviation, min/max thickness after each scan.

NEW Limited Count Average Scan Mode takes continuous readings up to a user-specified count. The gage displays and records the average of the readings.

PosiTector Advanced gauge bodies with serial numbers over 730,000 are compatible with DeFelsko's new SCAN Modes. It may be necessary to update your gauge body to download the required firmware. PosiTector updates are free at DeFelsko's website: PosiTector Updates

To minimize probe wear when using SCAN Mode, DeFelsko recommends that conventional PosiTector 6000 probes be used on smooth coatings. For rough coatings, PosiTector 6000 FXS and FHXS Xtreme probes feature extended-wear probe tips.

Optional Probe Foot Rings improve probe slide over the coating while scanning.


All three SCAN Modes are accessed using the PosiTector on-screen menu, under the Setup option. The Scan setup sub-menu displays the three SCAN modes.





Click to view a video on DeFelsko's new Enhanced FAST Mode and new SCAN Modes


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