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Separate Probes for DeFelsko PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gauge

Probes for PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gauge are available in separate or integrated probe styles, capable of measuring coating thickness on ferrous substrates, non-ferrous, or both ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. All probes are fully interchangeable for both Standard and Advanced-model PosiTector 6000 gauge bodies.

All DeFelsko PosiTector 6000 Probes feature:

  • Heavy-duty, gold-plated locking connector for industrial environments
  • Quality, high-flex cables that resist breakage.
  • All constant-pressure probes feature a "V" groove and chamfered sides; ideal when measuring on interior or exterior curvatures or smaller parts.
  • All Regular Separate Probes are suitable for underwater use.
  • Microprobes for ferrous or non-ferrous metal substrates have angles of 0º, 45º, & 90º, for very small or hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Quick-Release Adapter permits the straight ferrous or non-ferrous micro-probe to be used as a constant-pressure probe for use on very small, flat or curved parts. The Adaptor sleeve can be removed if not required.
  • Special application probes available.
  • Extended cables available (up to 250' / 75 m) for remote measuring.

Each probe comes with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST.


0 - 60 mils

  • F        ferrous integrated                                     
  • FS      ferrous separate, straight
  • FRS    ferrous separate right-angled
  • N        non-ferrous integrated
  • NS      non-ferrous separate straight          
  • NRS    non-ferrous separate right-angled
  • FN      ferrous/non-ferrous integrated
  • FNS    ferrous/non-ferrous separate straight
  • FNRS  ferrous/non-ferrous, right-angled
  • NAS   anodized aluminum, separate 0 - 25 mils

0 - 60 mil, Ferrous/Non-Ferrous DUPLEX probe

  • FNDS   ferrous/non-ferrous separate probe, measures zinc & paint separately in duplex coating system

0 - 80 mil, Ferrous - Hot and Rough Surfaces  newly updated!

  • FXS Xtreme™    ferrous separate probe with zirconia-reinforced alumina wear-face & steel braided cable; ferrous substrates only. Ideal for hot-dipped galvanizing, thermal-spray galvanizing, powder coatings. Temps up to 250º C (500º F)


Separate Micro-probes: ferrous: 0 - 45 mils; non-ferrous 0 - 25 mils 

  • F0S     ferrous, straight micro-probe
  • F45S   ferrous, 45-degree micro-probe   
  • F90S   ferrous, right-angled micro-probe
  • F90ES ferrous, right-angled extended-reach micro-probe  NEW!
  • N0S     non-ferrous, straight micro-probe
  • N45S   non-ferrous, 45-degree mini-probe     
  • N90S   non-ferrous, right-angled mini-probe

0 - 250 mils

  • FT        ferrous integrated thick probe
  • FTS      ferrous, separate thick probe
  • FTRS    ferrous, separate right-angled probe  NEW!
  • FNT     ferrous/non-ferrous integrated thick probe 
  • FNTS   ferrous/non-ferrous separate thick probe

0 - 300 mils - Hi-Temperature Ferrous up to 250º C / 500º F:  

  • FHXS Xtreme™   ferrous separate probe with Alumina wear-face and braided cable; ferrous substrates only

0 - 500 mils:

  • FKS     ferrous, 0 - 500 mils   
  • NKS     non-ferrous, 0 - 500 mils

0 - 1.5 inches (38 mm) Ferrous

  • FLS heavy-duty ferrous probe, up to 1.5 inches / 38 mm

0 - 2500 mils Ferrous/non-ferrous

  • FNGS   heavy-duty ferrous/non-ferrous combination probe, up to 2.5 inches / 63.5 mm


Dimensions of each separate PosiTector 6000 probe:

Click the link to view PosiTector 6000 ordering guide for more details: PosiTector 6000 Ordering Guide


Stone Tucker Instruments is able to re-certify all your PosiTector 6000 Coating Thickness Gauges

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