STI LONG ARM Probe Extender

The STI LONG ARM Probe Extender gives the Coatings Inspector an extended reach for taking paint thickness measurements on surfaces that are beyond natural reach or restricted in access. Taking overhead coating thickness measurements, or measurements on low surfaces or limited-access areas can be difficult to impossible, uncomfortable, or even dangerous. Strap your Paint Thickness Gauge into the gauge holder and secure the measuring tip of your cabled coating thickness probe in the probe holder, and the STI LONG ARM Coating Thickness Probe Extender gives you up to an additional 30" of reach.




Because the gauge and probe are both secured to the instrument, taking coating measurements is a one-handed operation, leaving the other hand free for stability in awkward situations like bridge inspection or structural steel applications. The probe mount holds the probe tip flat against the surface for accurate measurements; the stainless steel pole is jointed to allow the probe tip to contact properly on surfaces at a variety of angles.


The STI LONG ARM coating thickness Probe Extender is designed to fit DeFelsko's PosiTector 6000 separate probes FS, NS, FNS, FDNS, FXS, FTS, and NAS.



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